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Hello there.

I am thinking about switching my dog to the wet food because my uncle almost persuaded me that this is the best food – EVER.


I don’t know is this true or not but I have heard that wet food are good in case if your dog is having kidney issues. But I don’t know if it is a good idea to feed my dog with wet food ONLY.

Do you have any experience with it? Do you give wet food to your dog? What are the main benefits of this food?

I don’t know is it good for my dog or I should keep up with ordinary foods that he is eating now?


Hey there.


I really don’t understand why some people are still experimenting with food. I don’t want to attack you at all, but I believe that when you have a proved formula of diet plan for your dog, you should keep up with this.

If your vet tells you to switch your dog to some other diet program, than do this.

There is no philosophy about this.


Generally, this food is not bad.  Wet food has proteins, vitamins and minerals that your dog needs. Wet food is also good option when your dog is missing teeth or when he has poorly aligned jaws / small mouth.



Hello. There was always a question which food is better – dry or wet. It depends. There are pros and cons of wet dog food. Wet food increases palatability and contain more fat and proteins. It is much easier to eat. It is healthy and it is very beneficial for your dog. Many dogs will find this food more palatable. But you need to be aware that some dogs gain their weight quickly if they are eating only wet food. You should mix wet, dry and raw food. This is good combination. One more thing – if your dog has some extra pounds, don’t feed him with raw food.



Good day all.


I am for raw food if you ask me. I wouldn’t change raw food at this moment for my dog never.

Of course like all other pet owners I was experimenting with food.

And of course that I have tried wet food for my dog.

You need to keep on your mind that water is an essential nutrition and you need to pay attention that your dog has access to a lot of clean and fresh water all the time.

So actually you can give your dog wet food but I also can tell you that you need to mix the food up.

For example, you can give dry food to your dog and you can add a little water in it.



I am not an expert.

But my mom is giving wet food to her dog and so far she never told me that she is sorry for this decision.

As far as I know, she is really happy – her dog is really healthy and he never had problems with kidney stones. Never!


According to her vet, wet food is really helpful in this process.

Now, I know that a lot of people are saying that this food is not that good, I even can read in here that some of you are saying that people should combine dry and wet food.

But I disagree. Again I am not an expert, but I have one really good example – my mom’s dog.