I don't really reember being so anxious before I started smoking pot. Like there was anxiety and depression but I think the use of marijuana made it all worse instead of better which was why I was using it in the first place. I have been smoking since sophomore year in highschool, I'm currently 20 years old. My fiance left me because of my addiction. I lied about it to her to protect myself and it just pushed her away and really hurt her and our relationship. We want to be together and still love eachother very much but she doesn't trust me and I hate it. I am pretty much positive that my marijuana abuse has made a lot of the things in my life worse. How should I turn that around, will it go away when the THC is out of my body? I haven't smoked for 2 days now and its hard but I made a promise to myself and the woman I love. I just want to know if I might be able to beat this whole thing on my own and then be a happier and better person in the future without the use of perscriptions or therapy.