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I had nasal surgery which my surgeon insists was a septoplasty, but im convinced it was a septorhino, because: 1.- He's a plastic surgeon, altough he did the procedure along with a ENT. 2.- My nose looks different from the bridge.

I went to them because they are good surgeons and I had a severely broken nose and a 'double deviated septum' so I could not breath from my nose at all. This was causing me literally a never ending headache and I got sinus infections 10 times in a period of 12 months. Also sleep apnea.

So you can imagine I was desperate, so when I finally had the money,and they saw the CT scan, I just asked them 'can you fix this?' they said yes and no more questions were asked. No pictures taken, or computer images, nothing. But I told them clearly that I was happy with my nose and that the only thing I wanted was the fracture to be healed so that i could breath again.

So I wake up from anesthesia and the first thing the plastic surgeon says is 'we fixed the septum and we got rid of the hump', and I thought 'WAIT, WHAT!?, WHICH HUMP!?', so I waited, and the day the splint came off I saw a huge difference on the nasal bridge. I still do (I'm 2 months post op).

He says that one of the deviations included also part of the nasal valve (one deviation was in the bottom, pure cartilage and the other was cartilage and bone by the bridge or dorsum) and he had to shave it down in order to set the bones and the septum back in place. I seriously do not see how does the shaving down helps with my breathing??? He claims it was a septoplasty but if there was a hump shaving doesn't that make it a septorhino??? Im VERY confused.... please help


Wow. That sounds like a septorhinoplasty to me. Wow. The 'hump' does usually come with a deviated septum, but removing it along with straightening the septum is cosmetic, I agree. I'd guess that most people who get their noses 'done' would like the 'hump' removed, but you said you didn't want the shape touched, and even if you weren't specific, they should have asked you more specific questions to direct their reconstruction. I'm sorry this happened to you. It sounds like the doctor doesn't want to admit that he assumed you would want to appear more 'beautiful' by removing your 'hump' when all you wanted was to breath properly. :(