i have these sores on my arms that I cannot get rid of and many doctor and dermatologist visits are to no avail. They started out weeks ago as what  I thought were some type of bug bite because the itching was insane, mainly at night.  I thought I would lose my mind. I kept t getting them, but never once saw a bug. I spent a fortune on bug bombs, sprays, and anything out there that would kill insects in my apartment because i thought it must be some kind of fleas or something in my apartment.  I got rid of all my furniture and washed in hot water anything that could be. I recently started getting  new small itchy  bites again and  the original ones are large swollen sores that I cannot get cleared up after using both oral and topical antibiotics. The grossest and worst part of this is I am certain there is some kind of bug that is living in the sores and laying eggs in my skin (the white lines). I can't help myself, but i dig at the sores endlessly, and am certain I can see eggs.  My dermatologist just yells at me for picking at them, and states that it is all in my head.  She wants me to see a psychiatrist for anxiety. These sores are making me anxious, depressed, and my mental health is declining due to them. A clear, sticky fluid will ooze from them also. Can anyone please help me before I lose my mind completely.