For over a year and a half I've been plagued with an itchy skin condition that began on my face and spread to my chest, scalp and back.  They are not spots but more like bumps that sometimes ooze and leave an orange scab, the scab will fall off and before my eyes the bump fills up with liquid again and scabs over. This goes on for a week before it starts to clear.  this doesn't happen with all the bumps, just 2 or 3 for some reason.

My dermatologist and doctor have no idea.  It's become so bad that some days I don't want to leave the house, not a great scenario with two young children.

I live in Scotland which is very cold, I go abroad usually twice per year to somewhere warm and I've noticed that the itch reduces and the bumps begin to clear.  Perhaps a coincidence but I don't think so.

My dermatologist  is convinced it's bites of some description. I've done research online and wonder if it's demodex mites. 

My quest for a cure has cost me in excess of £5k. I've done an elimination diet, changed my bedding, bought mite monitors, bed bug encasement covers and a bed bug Hoover, vitamins, foods, collagen lamp, new make up, make up brushes, I've bought 100's of creams.

It has really taken an emotional toll on me, which in turn has effected everyone in my family. 

Until this, I can actually say my skin was perfect. Flawless. I can't say that now. 

Im desperate. Can anyone please help me?