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I've had an issue with my scalp for the past 2 years now which I really need identifying/fixing.

I have white bumps on the frontal hairline of my scalp which itch and hurt a lot, and feels very oily to touch. The issue is actually taking my hair out which is making me severely depressed.

I've been to the doctors 3 times now to try and identify the problem and have been told it could be head psoriasis or a fungal infection.

The first time I was told it may be head psoriasis and was given a cream called Sebco and told to apply it to the main area 'the front left of my hairline' before washing it off. I did this and of course of course no improvement. The other 2 times I was told it could be a fungal infection I was given Nizoral shampoo & then Ketaconazole shampoo and again no improvement.

My problem very much sounds like Seborrheic Dermatitis and the surrounding issues that come with it match up to a lot of mine.

- I'm anemic, iron deficiency (SD is common in people with immune system issues)

- The areas affected feel very oily when I touch them

- The areas affected are red underneath the bumps

I've also, since this issue started, begun to sweat a lot in my sleep most nights. I definitely read somewhere that these issues can be linked.

The pain I experience in this area of my head has woken me up it has been that strong. When mentioned to the doctor they just suggested I book in for neuro tests to see if I have other issues but to be honest I don't care about the itchiness or the pain, it's the fact that my hair is coming out.

I'm only 23 so it's typically not an age you would associate with hair loss. 2 years ago I had a perfectly healthy head of hair, now one side at the front is moving in closer and closer as if something is eating away at my head. For the most part it's only been the left side, but during the last few weeks I've noticed the right side looking different and upon closer inspection there are now bumps and redness on that side too and touching that area now also feels very oily.

I've marked this post as sensitive because to be honest I don't want to live anymore. I didn't have the best outlook on life before all this started, and now that my hair is coming out at an alarming rate I just don't want to be alive. As I mentioned, I'm only 23, I dread to think what it'll look like when I'm 25. I always relied on the right side of my hair to be able to comb it over to hide the hair loss but now I'm seeing bumps and feeling itchy on that side too it's worrying me greatly.

This post doesn't seem to allow pictures to be attached otherwise I would do to give you a better insight.

Posting this is a sort of last resort for me. The last 2 years of my life have been hell, I've questioned every possible reason for my hair falling out; my girlfriend stressing me out, the air in the area I live in, the water produced from the tap in my apartment, the heat of the water in the shower, the levels of pressure I turn the shower knob to, the styles I've had my hair cut in, even that there's a parasite in my skull somewhere. The issue is never off my mind, I have nightmares about it; I am completely and utterly mentally exhausted. Please can someone identify the problem and give me a solution? I literally can't live with this anymore.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


What are you eating? It depends on what you are eating? Are you eating too much sweets, it can cause this, My recommendation since I am not a dr by any means, is cut down on the sugars and take 2 times a day two probiotic preferably Jarons 15 billion you can get at any health food store its the one that looks like gold box with intestines on it in red box.. about 28.00 for 30 of them they are very very good.. I think yes you have an infection but until you clear the infection you will continue to have this stuff. if you have a lot of stress this is caused by this too. Relax take cool baths with dial medicated soap wipe off excess and keep dry then apply lotion for Seborrheic Dermatitis. I think you have this, I had this, no fun by any means. I am no dr, but I have had many things that people say the last 3 yrs.. I have cured myself except for the cyst.


I hope you have found relief from the symptoms and your hair loss. I am not certain about the white bumps, but the oily skin and hair loss may stem from an overabundant number of Demodex mites, which are common in small numbers. Large infestations may occur in humans with low immunity. Demodex feed on the sebaceous glands, they have no anus and they feed on your hair follicle oils (sebum) until they burst.

I am not a Dr, nor is there substantial scientific evidence (yet) to support demodex brevis as a cause for MPB.

However, a combination of Tea Tree Oil and Neem oil may give relief from demodex mites. There are products on the market such as Cliradex which are made specifically to destroy the mites which have a 30 day life cycle (important to treat daily for at least 30-60 days). Wash your bedding frequently, using hot water cycle. Use cliradex wipes to clean your eyes and ears.

Shampoo such as selsun blue which contains selinium sulfide 1% has been reported to be somewhat effective.

I wish you luck, as this reply is 6 months after your original post, perhaps this information will help others as well.