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I discovered that I no longer fit into my old jeans yesterday, which must mean that I put on some weight! How do I get rid of this again? I must admit that I hadn't even noticed the additional weight at all until I tried on those jeans. It can't be all that much, just a little bit of weight. Can you tell me what the best way is to lose just one jean size?


There is only one way to lose weight... eat less. I'm not being flippant just direct. Now, there are a million ways to eat less and the choice is yours...

1. simply look at what you are eating now and take out all junk foods, fast foods, soda's, sweets, simple white flour products (donuts, white bread, etc.) If you make this change you should go back to your original weight with little effort.

2. go on a structured diet plan like Weight Watchers or NutriSystem or something similar.

3. Go for the quick weight loss with something that takes away hunger and cravings so that you can stay on a very low calorie diet like R&D Diet Cookies.

The choice is yours and Good Luck!