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Well I am A 13 Year Old girl and im am abotu 250 and im am tring to lose weight because pl keep jokin me andits doesnt feel good being this size and my mom is always sayin u need to lose weight and my friends and some families r always joking me soo its TUFF and i try running, walkin, i even play basketball but nothing happen nd i wasnt this size ialways i became this size wen my ashma started actin up nd i had to take starods nd i became nd now i juss stayed this size nd i am goin to 8th in 4 days nd before high school i wud wnt to be at least 134-140 lbs nd its hard PLEASE SOMEONE GIVE ME ADVICE!!

P.s im scared i might get diebetes cause its hard to say no to my taste buds wen i wnt something please help!!:( CAUSE ITS HARD!! and people dnt knw wat im comin from cuz they dnt see it from my point of view they dnt knw how hard it is...


Hello, i can only imagine how tough things got for you, especially when everybody is telling you to lose weight. But they just cant understand that you tried a lot of stuff but nothing worked and how hard losing weight actually is. 

I know you tried running and you said it did not work for you, but that might not be true completely. I mean, some people have faster and some slower metabolisms. So some people lose weight faster and some slower. But for almost every body, losing weight is a long term process that requires a lot of dedication, motivation and hard work. You should not give up on anything. 

I would suggest for you that you try running again, its the best and the healthiest way (also fastest) to lose weight. You can start by running for 45 mins 3 times per week and then later increase it to 5 times a week and maybe even every day. You have to have in mind that the more you exercise the more weight it will come off. It takes time, dont give up. Just stick to your routine and i promise you will lose weight fast. Hope this helps