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hi. a few days ago, a lump grows near my tragus(left side of ear only). the lump is about the size of a pea and not visible externally(should be beneath the skin) but it hurts when i press down on it. can anyone explain what is it.



If you are a guy, it is possible that you have an ingrown hair that has become infected.  Some guys have hair there.  When they try to trim it, sometimes they cut it to short.  As the hair grows back it can get stuck underneathy the skin and form a bump and it could become infected.  These can hurt like the Dickens.  I suggest putting some alcohol on it and see if that will help dry it up.  For the most part, I don't think we ladies have that problem or at least we shouldn't.  We don't have hair there.  It doesn't sound like its anything serious at the moment.  If it gets worse (sorer) or bigger I think it wise to visit your doctor.  The doctor may have to remove it.