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I'm 27 and had been smoking Skunk (I'm from England) since I was 14 and let me tell you there are mental issues that come from smoking for so long. I started to get very badly paranoid and also started to have panic attacks. I quit 11 days ago (cold turkey) and all the problems that most of the other uses have described, I've had. But I don't for one minute regret stopping. I'm still haveing sleeples nights and my appetite is not back to what it should be no matter what I'm never rolling up again. All I can say is good luck to everyone else here who's trying to pack it in, don't fall back into the old habit and keep the faith, it will be worth it in the long run.


I'm sorry to say this but you are most definatly wrong.

I've been having acute stomach pains over the last week, and never knew they could be anything to do with smoking Marijuana.

I were searching for information on what could be wrong with me, and came across this thread, which explains it all...

I had been smoking pretty much every night and staying up untill past 3am for 3 weeks, then school started and I pretty much stopped smoking every night and only did in the weekends, then after one case of depression in the morning after a weekend of not smoking anything, which I'm not claiming was caused by Marijuana, but I thought so and decided to stop smoking.

(I'd like to point out I had no idea any of the following was to do with Marijuana withdraw untill I read this thread)

This week I have had trouble sleeping, waking up very early and nearly vomiting / burping up stomach acid and not being able to get back to sleep, and just the last few days I've pretty much lost all desire to eat anything at all.

So today after a day of hell at school - not being able to concentrate at all with constant stomach problems, and chewing anti-acids all day, I decided to research what could be up with my stomach, I found this thread, which pretty much explains what was the cause of all this, and gladly it should infact go away.

So anything you might think about it all being in my head is incorrect, and unless all this is a coincedence, it is infact symptoms from marijuana withdraw.


wow, if you like weed and it doesn't affect you keep gong, no worries. however i definitely found that on weed i was lazier and pretty boring!

i neverhad any reason to quit tho!

then a girl i met hated me smoking and i gave up in one day and have not smoked for a month after 12 years of smoking pretty much every day!

i have no withdrawal symptoms whatsoever besides being more lively, energetic, more fun to be around and generally happier.

if there is a good enough reason to quit its easy


i found this forum from googling my symptoms, it's a great relief to know i'm not the only one with this problem.
i just wanted to share that i have the same stomach issues everyone else is talking about. pretty much any time i'm not stoned my stomach hurts and i dry heave. i've been trying to quit my 10 joint a day habit for a few (ok six) months now, and every one of the times i quit i lived on saltines and ginger ale for days (great if you are trying to lose weight drastically and painfully). & i want to quit for the same reasons too, i'm depressed, boring, paranoid & terrible listener, and i never want to go anywhere. good thing i have my best friend ps2.
good luck to present and future quitters (that one would be me).


I have been smoking marijuana for almost two full months, nothing really long term. I have had at least three to four large blunts a day every day. And even between the blunts I had pipe that i would smoke out of several times a day. I was not addicted more of a love for the weed. I have even had times where people soaked the blunt in a hydrocordone painkiller syrup. It was the strangest and most tired high i have ever had. I never even considered doing cocaine or acid or anything oter than weed. I recently got put in the back of a cop car and suspended from school for smoking a quick joint before school and smelling like weed when i arrived in the office. I quit from that day and havn't smoked since. I have court in several days and will probably have to drop a UA. Because of this i won't be smoking for awhile. The principal and others like my parents think I am a bad child because of smoking. Im 15 wear american eagle rarely drink alcohol and attend school regularly, and what some were suprised to be found smoking bud. I havn't had one craving for it just kinda pissed because i think people oversestimate weed as a bad thing. I'm sure most of this has originated from it being illegal but am curious as to why drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes is any less dangerous than smoking weed. I have not had any bad side effects from smoking weed, no acne, i talk as fluently and correctly as ever. I showered regularly, mowed my lawn for my dad and acted normal as ever when not high. My education level hasn't decreased and am curious as to why all these bad things have been spread about marijuana. People say its b ad for your health but then I want to know as to why a person i know has been smoking bud for several years and could withstand running longer than anyone on the cross crountry team. Everyone smoking weed at my school is as athletic as the rest. As a matter of fact i know 3/4 the varsity football team smokes weed often. Weed should honestly quit being stereotyped and people should compare it to other things as well as alcohol. If you have anything that could change my mind please share your opinion.


I am here to tell you that marijuana is extremely addictive. I am 46 years old, been smoking daily since age 14. I have never gone more than 60 days in my adult life not smoking pot, and most of the time it is morning bong hit upon waking up, and then smoking every 2 hours or so, to late night bong hit just before bed. I have suffered financially, economically, psychologically, and emotionally over this very disgusting substance. I have episodes of chronic coughing and choking. I have now not smoked for 22 days and still have feelings of severe depression, anxiety, pain, and the feeling that life is just not worth living. anyone telling you marijuana is harmless is in total denial of the truth. hopefully, i will get back to a good and effective, drug free state of mind soon. peace


What other symptoms have you experienced? My husband has smoked daily (multiple times a day) since he was in his teens (he's 38 now). He's trying to quit now since he has to take a whiz quiz for the college program he's in by Jan.

He's been a real ornrey(sp?) cuss the past couple of weeks. Grumpy, pissy, nothing makes him happy. Hell, I think he went off the deep end tonight since he physically assaulted me. The mood swings are worse than a pms-ing teenage girl.

I just want to know from someone else that's quit or trying to quit what the heck I can expect the next few weeks!



I am on day 5 in my cold turkey attempt to quit a heavy intake smoking routine that has lasted for about 10 years, and have been experiencing lack of appetite -> stomach pains, increased anxiety and irritability, and insomnia. I also have a history of severe depression in my family and had experienced a depressive episode in my teenage years, at which time I used an anti-depressant for a couple months to pull myself out of. For the most part though, my cannabis addiction had kept my depression / anxiety at bay for over several years… until only recently when I had an emotional / nervous breakdown and depressive relapse brought on by outside factors in my life, despite the use of cannabis. Part of the reason I have decided to quit smoking marijuana is due to my need for anti-depressant use at the moment. I have never been very fond or accepting of the corporate-government aligned coalition of pharmacological tyrants, although that being said.. and currently being in a bind - this seems my only viable option for gaining the coping skills needed to get through this difficult time in my life.

I have also been experiencing chronic hot flashes, probably as intense if not worse than the types of sudden overheating sensations that supposedly take place with women going through menopause (I'm of the male gender, so I wouldn't really know exactly what that feels like). I too have also experienced heavy sweating like many others going through cannabis withdrawal.. But is there anyone out there that has also experienced this sweating in tandem with these types of hot flashes? I'm curious if there is a possibility that this symptom is associated with other past substance use that may have been a chemical catalyst (so to speak) which cause this to occur? Or is it purely a genetic chemical make-up thing, depending on the individual (as vague and frustrating as this concept is)? Is it possible that these hot flashes occur only to people who have previously used a designer drug like MDMA (or ecstasy), or hallucinogenics such as LSD or psilocybin mushrooms for instance? I have had extensive use with all of these substances in my past, although I have effectively managed to steer clear of them for a good length of time now. And if there is anyone out there that can relate to this problem of mine with getting hot flashes during withdrawal - and / or has gone through the process of successfully quitting, how long do these hot flashes generally occur for?

Additionally, I read about the very important study conducted some years ago in Vermont regarding marijuana withdrawal syndrome, which concluded that after 3 weeks of abstinence had passed that symptoms become the same as a control group of x-users of the dried flowering tops of this plant. Does anyone have a clue as to what this means? I keep trying to tell myself that 'this too shall pass', but am in need of support on this thought and seeking opinion from anyone who's maybe been in a similar situation.


What you are saying is a complete load of c**p! Have you ever studied any physiology of human anatomy and drugs!? I take it you are a user that is still in denial? Take a look at the real facts, not those that you want to see.


:-) The smoke you are inhaling does the same thing to you stomach as cigs do. The bad stuff in the smoke of what ever a person smokes can cause stomach ulcers and different types of cancers. If you smoke cigs as well as joints or use tobacco products like cigar blunts, you have increased your chances of stomach or lung problems. Weed may mask stomach problems un-till the smoker quits weed. Chronic usage or misuse of weed could cause health problems, try not to be a gluten and watch what you smoke it in, a dirty pipe has lots of mold and bacteria build up that you could be inhaling.
I had stomach problems before I ever started smoking weed, acid reflux. I smoked cigs and drank alcohol for 10 years before I ever started smoking weed. I smoked weed for 10 years and I still have the same stomach problems, so weed does not cure stomach problems. Weed can irritate your stomach by giving you the munchies and causing you to over eat which will cause stomach problems as well if you didn‘t have problems in the first place.
The only withdrawal from weed I have ever experienced was the missed pleasure of smelling and touching the buds and of course the peaceful buzz.
I used to have a job that made it impossible to continue smoking weed. Drug tests and law enforcement, should I say more. I wasn't gonna die from an overdose, which is impossible on weed, and I always waited till close to bed time so I can devote my time to me, and my loving husband. I have no children depending on me.
Weed also helped me quit drinking, which saved my marriage. Alcohol makes me mean and nasty >;) and the withdrawals from drinking is very painful and sickening and kills a persons liver. Alcohol is a man made disturbed product.
I'm presently having withdrawal problems from Cymbalta, anitdepressant, and strattera which almost killed me and still may cause strokes, seizures and muscle deteriation in the next few months. Man made drugs are poison the our bodies and our minds. If I can't pick it or dig it out of the ground I'm not taking it. God knows what is right for us. Trust him and trust in him. :-D He has already made what we need.
I like weed, but it will make a person lazy and boring to non-smokers of weed. Don't smoke it all day long. A person needs the energy to work so they can buy more.
8) ;-)
Weed will control your life if you let it. I will have to say after a month or so when weed has left your drug test failing system you will feel free to move about in public without fear of being arrested. No matter what - weed is still illegal. For now anyways.
:'( It's not worth the hasle.


I've been a heavy pot smoker for 30 years, off and on (mostly on), but I have quit a few times, for long periods of time, and every time I did, I had nausea, sweats/chills, difficult sleeping, high irritability, mood swings for about 4 or 5 days... then it went away. I am not smoking now. One thing that you may find helpful in quitting, is excercise. You may not feel like it, but if you can manage it, it will help the symptoms disappear quicker. At least it did for me. It's tough to quit if you smoke a lot, but not as tough as cigarettes, in my opinion. Symptoms vary in severity and duration, depending on the individual, length of time smoking, etc. but it's doable. I smoked to cope with my feelings of anxiety over the world, life, ect., but I find that being straight really is the best way to live... and cheaper too! That stuff is quite expensive! More power to ya'll....


I have used pot steadily for 29 years. Smoking from when I wake up, every few hours, before going to sleep and when I wake up in the middle of the night to fall back to sleep. I am now on my 31st day of non-use and finally I feel a little better. Exercise and daily saunas helped but it was still difficult. Sweats and chills, major loss of food desire, irriatabilty, insomnia then wicked dreams, stomach aches, fatigue, depression and of course cravings to smoke started the second day and are now just starting to subside. I know I have several more weeks if not a month or two left and then I still have to relearn how to controll my anger and blunt comments that I find myself prone to. I have a wife and 3 children and I couldn't go on living like I was, exspecially with then becoming teenagers and my fear of them following me in my underachieving ways. My wife is supportive but a lot of my anger rises up very quickly and she is mostly in the way and that has put a strain on our marriage. Sometimes she wants me to just go back to smoking so I would chilax but I know thats not the way anymore. I've set a date two years in the future to when i will smoke again so I can rationalize it better and hopefully if I can make it I won't want to. Good luck to anyone else who is trying to quit...exercise,saunas(if possible)eat as much as you can(vitamins to help offset what your not getting and the sauna) and Time. JB


I started smoking weed when I got out of high school. and i hit it pretty hard. After a month i was smoking hash and oils without coughing or anything. Its been two years since and my tolerance is ridiculously high. I can easily smoke a gram joint or 2 and only be high for 15-20minutes tops. My body feels weird a lot of the time now, and my mind doesn't feel the same. Maybe I've just changed due to aging and maturity, but unlikely. I can't ever focus on anything, and I never want to do anything, but at the same time I do. When I know of something coming up I'm never anticipant of it or anything. I've lost total motivation it seems.
I know I should quit, but I don't know. It's almost hard, most of my family and all of my friends smoke. what to do


As a daily smoker who smoked 2-3 joints a day and have quit cold are a few symptoms I have which are pretty all similar....

Extreme hot flashes like a real burning sensation, watery diarrhea on it's 7th day and hasn't let up yet ( I find drinking milk can help with the wateriness but it tends to come back real quick ), stomach pains, intense dreams with vivid memory of those dreams ( during my smoking I noticed I had no dreams or simply couldn't remember them ), very light appetite and feeling full with just a few bites, profuse sweating at varying times and degrees, constantly clammy/damp/sweaty hands and feet.

Oh and a shorter temper goes with all that too. !@#$!@#$


wow. it's so great to read this thread and know that what I am going through is not at all uncommong to those going through this challenging time.

I'm sweating like crazy with little to no appetite. And I'm only on day 2! I see now that the only way is to ride it out and not to give up!