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I am a 23 year old female and have smoked for the last 5 years. The last 3 years-more than ever. I usually smoke a bowl in the morning, some on my lunch break and then pretty much after work-until its bedtime. You could say i like to get high. lol.
A year ago- I quit for 2 months. Looking back now, I didnt feel like anything really changed but it probably did. It was pretty easy to do because my boyfriend and I did it together.
I quit again the weekend before last and unfortunately my boyfriend and i broke up at the same time so i am on my own. The physical symptoms are not too bad. Indigestion, restlessness, MOODY (one second im laughing and then i will bite someones head off), i've lost weight due to lack of appetite, I wouldnt say that i had more energy than when i smoked but maybe less things to do. My house is much cleaner now. lol. I still drink which helps me actually go to sleep But here comes those vivid, violent dreams again. Does anyone else wake up at 4am soaked in sweat, heart beating quickly and just terrified to go back to sleep because the dream you were just in was so real and horrifying? I dont remember them being this bad last time i quit. Is this a mental condition and does it go away, after how long? Its been about 2 weeks since i quit. Also, if you smoke just a little do you go back through all the symptons again?


I have been heavily smoking marijuana for the past 8yrs... I am to the point now where I don't get stoned like I used to, I more or less get the negative side effects from it now... the anxiety, paranoia, memory loss, etc... but I smoke because I LOVE the process of smoking it, and that burned out irie feeling. I smoked atleast 6 times a day, at work, in the car, in the bathroom in the morning, etc... and I haven't smoked the schwaggy stuff in years.

I am currently unemployed and don't have the funds to be spending on pot... it's been two days since I have smoked (this is after cleaning my keif box, smoking the hash of the screen, scraping my pieces, smoking 'roaches', etc). I am suffering from horribly from depression and my ADD is terrible... if I am not active, have nothing to do, or anyone to hang out with I feel insanely depressed. I contemplate suicide all the time, I think so much now that it's dulled it down in my mind to where killing myself doesn't seem like a bad thing. I could never do that though... for my daughters sake.

Anyways I am having horrid nausea, indigestion, headaches, severe irritability (in the mornings especially), etc... I think it feels very similar to heroin withdrawals (without the runny nose clamminess, sweats, etc.) I have yet to experience the insomnia, but my REM sleep is going haywire... I have INSANE dreams, sleep too late, and feel like c**p when I wake up. If marijuana isn't physically addictive, then what the hell is this? I have been off dope for months now, I was never severily addicted (just sniffed... never shot up or smoked) but I went through withdrawal for a week and it seems very similar to this.


WOW. What a thread. Spanning over a year, with many arguments as to the nature of the addictiveness of marijuana and withdrawal.

I'd just like to say congrats to everyone who has made the choice to try and stop smoking marijuana (i'm on day 3 now). Its nice to see so many people trying to take control and make a positive difference to their lives

Having been a dope smoker for approx 6 years, the last 3 of which 3 joint a day min, I too have been experiencing some of the symptoms of withdrawal that have been listed here (stomach aches, nausea, major irritibility), as has my husband, who has been smoking the same as me. We found marijuana together and we're quitting it together. The arguments due to our increased irrititability have been impressive to say the least, but we're determined not to let this beat us.

Like many others here I was convinced that "there no way this is in my head", but then I stopped to think.

Last year, when we got married, we went away to Tennerife for a week for our honeymoon. Not liking the idea of being arrested in a foreign country, we abstained from marijuana for the whole week. And guess what? Neither one of us had any withdrawal symptoms the whole time.

So how come I have stomach aches, and irritability on day 3 now?

Would love to hear from anyone who cares to comment.
(As long as they bear in mind that with our limited understanding as to the nature of addiction, no-one has the right to claim absolute truth)

But i think this is a fantastic thread, and have drawn much comfort from knowing others have gone through the same as me.

Thank you all.


i had the same thing happen to me? im 3 weeks into this, with 1 lapse, and have had terrible stomach issues. when i went to Hawaii on my honeymoon for 13 days witoutpot and had no problems at all? did have plenty of xanax which would have helped with the anxiety which might bring on the stomach issues? im doing much better now, but after my recent lapse i did have a couple more days of stomach problems? really a crazy thing? reading all these post helps alot!


To all that want to quit smoking(cigs and bud) and need a little help, talk to a doctor and ask about a drug called Chantix. it does wonders, my wife is a pharmacist and she's never seen such a high success rate. my buddy who has tried to stop smoking cigs coutless times has been on the drug for about 3weeks and he feels really optimistic about quitting. he said its never felt so easy. its worth a try.

well since i started working about 3 weeks ago, i have smoked considerably less, maybe once a day and sometimes none. i used to smoke about 5-6 times a day, a hit here a hit there for the last 4-5 years. i've been smoking for 12 years now.

my stomach pains are unbearable at times, and only come in the evening and night. i've read up on the possibilities and i thought i had an ulcer or worse, gallstones. when the pains are about to come i start burping and get bloated, then the pain lasts for 5-6hours. i've been going to work 3 times this week with only about 2-3 hours of sleep, if you can call it sleep. i pray that what ever it is its not gallstones... i dont' want surgery.


I smoked pretty much all day every day for about 2 years, and I quit about 2 months ago. I experienced no withdrawal symptoms, and absolutely no cravings for it whatsoever. In fact, I noticed that I started feeling better when I quit, surprisingly. I was more upbeat, more active, and I've had much more energy since I stopped smoking marijuana. I used to experience periodic bouts of depression that would last up to 2 hours at a time while I was smoking. Since I quit, I haven't gotten depressed once. I honestly think that the effects of smoking and quitting marijuana differ depending on the person, but that's just my take on things.


I think you were out of line with your response. withdrawl symptoms for some are that severe. I have experienced similar symptoms first hand lasting up to a week. The way you responded came off as disrespectful to what that person is going through. I think you need to do some research before you discredit someones claim. Marijuana addiction is real and withdrawl can be incredibly difficult.


I of course haven't read through the full year of posts in this thread, but I could only really see people associating their stomach pain as a withdrawal symptom.

I have severe stomach pains, poor digestion, persistent burping, occassional farting, and fairly infrequent (once-a-week) random urge to vomit (as in, happily walking down the street, not under the influence).

This all started about 3 months ago, coinciding with the point at which I started smoking at least a joint/day.

I'll usually smoke half a joint in a session, and now I'll smoke around 4 times/day in the evenings, and even more in the weekends. I often smoke w/ friends, etc, so it's hard to say, but I imagine I smoke 6-9 grams/week. I don't smoke at all during the day (im at work), but on the weekends my first order of business is to get high.

I only got stoned for the first time about 9 months ago, so I'm hardly a long-time abuser.

My doctor doesn't know how to diagnose me, says everything looks normal. I have no ulcer, bacteria infections, i've gone as far as having an endoscopy & colonoscopy, they came back normal & healthy.

I've basically made my mind to lay off completely for at least a week or two to just basically test the waters and see how I feel. I already gave up drinking in an attempt to alleviate my horrible stomach pains (it didn't help).

Anybody else have similar symptoms? Or did such symptoms only occur when you tried to quit? (I'm hoping, praying, mine don't get worse!)


Iv been smokeing since i was 11 and iv been having bad withdrals and at first i didnt know what it was but my friend told me.

If i dont smoke for 24 hours i get grumpy and get major stomic pains i just hope that they dont get worse im 16 now and i dont know what im gonna do yet ...

im planing on quitting soon tho mabe i just dont wanna get really bad witdrawls if i do.


First, I would like to say thanks to everyone for these posts.

A little bit of history:
I starting smoking real heavy in college (5 or 6 times a day). This continued for 5 years untill I got a job out of college, at which point I cut back to smoking only at night (2 or 3 times nightly)

After a couple months at my job, I started to get stomach pains. Sometimes minor, but every so often I would have an episode (usually at night) where it was SEVERE. Talking about I wanted to die for about 5 or 6 hours before the pain finally subsided. Went to my doctor and got a sonograph to rule out appendicitis, gall problems, etc. They couln't fin anything wrong with me. I've had about 5 of these episodes in the last 2 or 3 years, along with rather frequent minor stomach aches.

I've also had a couple episodes of rather severe mental anxiety, to the point where I though I was seriously going insane and would need to be checked into a mental hospital. Luckily these passed in a couple of hours.

Other symptoms: general brain"fogginess" at times, usually in the morning, usually accompanied with dizziness and a hot, faint feeling.

Sound familliar to anyone?

I recently went on a Honeymoon with my wife, and while there (in Hawaii), experienced one of these bad mental episodes, night sweats, diarrea and more frequent stomachaches. These subsided when I got home, but returned yesterday. I was in the process of looking for medical advice on the web when I found this post.

Looking back, I'm amazed at what I discovered. All these started when I really cut back on smoking. And the really bad episodes? With terrible pain and bad mental symptoms? They occuured: after I quit smoking to pass a drug test, after a whole week with my wife (then girlfriend) at her apartment (she does not smoke and I didn't either while I was there), after 5 days in Hawaii with no ganj, and then 2 days after I came back, I had smoked a couple bowls, an then quit for the 2 days.

Determine as you will, but I'm fairly sure these aren't a coincidence. I think the fact that I've had the symptoms for so long is I never truly quit for a long time. I think if I would have just stopped, these would have gone away.

so it's on now. no more weed. I'll give it a couple months and see if things get better. I think I'm in for a rough time the next couple of weeks, but I really feel like this will go away!

Thanks again to everyone, especially for letting me know I'm really not going insane!


I have been an every day user for the past four years of my life. I quit two days ago and holy sh*t I have never wanted anything worse in my whole life. I can't eat or sleep. I am ready to be past this. I woke up this morning and thought someone had threw water on me, I sweated so much last night it was ridiculous.


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Hello every one, i too just quit smoking pot this is my second day... I have been smoking for almost 10 years i mean smoking A LOT. I even grew it and i would abuse it. I would go to work high,smoke on lunch,brakes, also at home i would take bong hits every 10 minutes or so.(trying to gey higher than ever before OR trying to numb whatever feelings i have been opressing.) Smoking weed has ruined my life and has turned my priorities upside Down. I spent around $250 a month Or more. I had tried to quit many times without any success,but this last time it was different.I THOUGHT ABOUT all the good and positive things that woyld come from me not smoking more time with my family,more money,focus on thing that matter like family,work,and GOD. SEE this whole time i have been trying to fill a void bu smoking weed,drinking,doung coke or whatever substance i was into but i realised there was something i was looking for in these things. I started praying and askws the LORD and savior for his help,i completely gave my self to god and i wpuld beg to him at night to give the strength and courage to do what i need to do for my family. IS AMAZING THE COURAGE AND WILL POWER I HAVE SINCE I PUT ALL MY FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST. I HAVE TRIED MANY TIMES WITH OUT MAKING IT THRU 1 MISARABLE DAY. SINCE I QUIT ALOT OF PEOPLE HAVE OFFERED ME WEED ,HAVE DOUBTED ME,LAUGHED AT ME, MOCKED ME. BUT TO EVERY PERSON THAT KNOW ME KNOWS HOW MUCH OF A BIG STEP THIS IS FOR ME. Im sharing my STORY in jope someone reads it and it touches them. Life is so much easier whem you ask for help.HW SHOWED ME ON ONE DAY HOW STRONG HE IS. I'M IN LOVE WITH HIM THE FEELING OF JOW STRONG I FEEL.(MY OWN BROTHER WANTS ME TO SMOKE SO BAD WHY??? MISERY LOVES COMPANY !! SOME PEOPLE DON'T WANNA SEEE OTHER PEOPLE BE SUCCESSFUL. SO HERE IT IS.MU STORY I HOPE IT HELP.. AND IM NOT PERFECT. I DONT SLEEP RIGHT NOW. I DONT HAVE A APPETITE IM SO IRRITABLE SWEATY AND YJE LIST GOES ON BUT WHAT IS DIFFERENT?? IM STRONG NOW. GOOD LUCK LADIES AND GENTLEMEN