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alright guys let me tell you my story.... ive been a heavy smoker on and off for about 3-4 years... recently i decided to quit because i was sick of waking up and coughing out a lung basiclly and i had a panic attack.. during the panic attack i felt all flustered and like i was going to die almost passing out.. which i did before when i was really high.. but of course thought nothing off it... out of everyone i think smokers are most in denial about the effects of weed... which of course i was i thought it was harmless im sure most of you all did too....sorry to get off subject... after quiting i felt like total sh*t i was depressed and had extreme nausea couldnt sleep of course and i do shift work which made it worse also had extreme anxiety thinking i was dying and turn a bit hypocondatic the next couple of days.. i was also tired all of the time had no energy and my muscle ached to when i woke up felt like i worked out (which i didnt)..there is also this haze that clouded my head feels like your not where you are but you are and dizziness and lightheadedness came with this... but now its been about a week since smoking still have the haze but all the physical symptoms are mostly gone still cant sleep and stomach is upset every once in a while.. but im convinced i will never touch it again and i applaude all of you who are trying to work through it also... next step cigarettes good luck everyone this is the best info that i got from a website and people sharing there storys is motivational


hey fellow smokers (and ex-smokers!)

i'm on day 3, I'm not 'quitting' pot however i'm on a vacation with the fam and dont have access to any for the next week. I'm 21 years old, and have only been smoking regularly (throughout the day) for about 5 months, so i dont think i'm getting the full severity of what some of you other guys/gals are feeling.
my symptoms:
-no appetite
-quite irritable (this has tapered down)
-feelings of extreme, possibly irrational anger (though i'm smart enough not to act on it)

during the day (while i'm occupied with vacation stuff) its certainly bearable, and having the occasional pina colada doesn't hurt either (MODERATION!)
I'm going to go running on the beach, and see if a little excersise (sp?) can help pick up my appetite.

thanks very much to everyone who posted in here, it is a HUGE relief to see that others have the same symptoms. While i'm not incapacitated or anything, withdrawl certainly does suck, and after reading some posts from long-time smokers, i'm going to do some thinking about how to handle MJ in the future.

as we all know, moderation is key, but any smoker knows its difficult to light up only once a day (especially when you still have plenty in your stash).

Has anyone every successfully tried alternating weeks on and off of pot? or even alternating days? I'm going to give it a try, and see if its an effective way to lessen the withdrawl symptoms. And to those who say MJ isnt addictive, i can tell you with certainty that my symptoms are related to my MJ use, even if the addiction wasnt physical, there is certainly a psychological aspect to it.


An addict, any addict can stop using, and lose the desire to use, and find a new way to live....just by following a few suggestions. Contact your local Narcotics Anonymous....


I am a recovering addict and I have four months in to my recovery from MARIJUANA addiction. When I put myself into detox, the pain I felt in my body was such that I had a hard time with sleep, walking, and even my coordination. When I ate I could barely keep anything down.

I was a smoker for 21 years; most of those years were spent smoking daily. I was using anything from 1 gram to a couple of ounces; depending on the day and how much money I had on me at the time.

I believe diet has a lot to do with withdrawal; because I noticed when I started eating more green veggies, along with a lighter diet my symptoms decreased a little bit. I started taking more vitamin C in my diet; along with staying away from anything that was my normal pattern for "munchies."

I've had trouble though because my addictive personality has me drinking coffee more often (replacing one addiction with another); and I've developed nose bleeds from consuming more caffeine than my body can tolerate. I believe whole heartedly cannabis is addictive; and after 21 years of use, and being 34 years of age; I spent my entire teen life as an addict. Anyone who tells you different that it is not addictive needs to understand everyone's withdrawal is different. Some people can stop drinking after 1 beer, while others will die of alcohol poisoning. Just as one smoker will be affected differently in their withdrawal and recovery than another. My pain was similar to that of cocaine withdrawal; and perhaps that may be a contributing factor as well. I've smoked herb that had been laced with other chemicals (unknown to me at the time) to enhance the high; or even just to weigh down the amount to get more money for less count. I've heard of bug spray, hair spray, water, crystal meth, cocaine, heroine, and other substances being processed into the product to get a certain effect.

So I would be inclined to say marijuana is addictive, on its own or with other substances. I can empathize with your situation and just hang in there because it does get better.


Ive just recently decided to quit smoking pot and I find now Iàm sweating like mad, and its never been this bad, my body temperature is screwed and my hands and feet are constantly soaked... do you think this is my bodys way of detoxing, or is there something else wrong with me...

any kind of response would bring my anxious mind to ease..


i am 17 yrs old and i jus stops smoking pot after a whole year its been 4 days and i couldnt sleep at all this whole night my stomach has been killing me i hope this goes away.........cuz i cant sleep the pain is that bad


I will apologize in advance for the length and rambling nature of this post, but it has been great to get it all out.

I started smoking pot at 17 (during the Summer of Love), and am now 57 years old. I may have the longest standing addiction to the weed of anyone who has posted thus far. I have gone without it for periods up to one year, a couple times with the help of Narcotics Anonymous, but I love the feeling so much that I would always try it again eveentually, mostly out of curiousity, and then I would quickly find myself back into heavy gear.

I have used the excuse of being professionally successful, with a good wife o 23 years, and 2 grown kids, and now a grandson of 3 months at home. I am what the NA folks call a "functioning addict". I also used the rationalization that it was not nearly as bad as any of the other drugs, even that it wasn't addictive, which I long ago came to realize is simply not true.

I have now been using heavily for six years stratight, since my last respite of 6 months. For the past several months, even while using, I have been waking up early in the morning feeling absolutely terrible. That is why I am trying to stop again.

I think that I have been smoking so much that after a weekend of heavy use, my reduced use while working during the week was triggering a bit of withdrawal, so that every Tuesday I woud wake up with such feelings of doom and worry that I would have the dry heaves. I have asked for a Christmas Miracle.

During the past few weeks, I have tried keeping track of how much I was smoking by making a mark on an index card for each hit I took, noting the time. I cut back to 16 hits a day, to 10, to 3, then 1, until the day before New Years Eve I smoked not at all the whole day for the first time in 6 years. Then I rewarded myself by getting stoned again last night, on New Year's Eve. Today I am going for none again, and am successfull so far.

My worst symptoms are the sleep problems in the early morning along with the night sweats, which I have read about here. It is good to have this confirmed by so many others here.

I remember other times stopping when I was younger, and finding irritiability for 3 day to be the prime symptom. Things have gotten much worse. I don't know if that is because the pot is stronger, or simply because my body has been so saturated with the chemicals for so many years.

Over the past few decades, I have had very serious panic attacks that were triggered by my use, which always stopped me from using because they were so very horrible. though eventually I would always go back. However, I managed to get a prescription for Xanax, which would knock the panic symptoms of massive adrenaline saturation, but now I fear that things have gotten deeper, with morning symptoms that Xanax does not really help any more.

Frankly, I cannot imagine myself never smoking again, because I enjoy it so very much. That is one reason I'm not going to Narcotics Anonymous. I also have trouble with some of their dogma, such as "this is a program of complete abistinence from all drugs", while caffeine and nicotine are consumed in huge amounts. I also don't feel that "the best day of using was worse than the worst day of not using". I just can't buy into these statements because, they are simply not true for me. I do like the Spiritual focus of the NA program, though.

What I really want to be able to do is get stoned a couple of times on the weekend and clean out during the week. Although NA states that we cannot manage our usage, I recently read an article in the NY Times that states that many drug users and alcoholics have had success with moderation.

Meanwhile, I really hope to get over this withdrawal anxiety soon. It has never taken me an entire 2-4 weeks before (which seems to be the period for many who have posted here), the most has been about 3-4 days, before feeling quite a lot better. It is so hard for me to keep away from it though.

Maybe I am rambling here, because I am still in the midst of anxiety symptoms. I am very glad for this board, and will return frequently as I go through this. Thank you, and may you all have a year filled with much Peace and Love.


Looking on the web for info regarding my newest trial at quitting I stumbled along this site. WOW. It's been great. Hearing what other pot heads (some of which are like me 24/7 10 + years of smoking) had to say relieves me. You always hear that quitting smoking pot is easy, it's not physically addictive. I say BS to all that. o.O My mood swings, diarhea (coincidentaly started the day after quitting, and the headaches all tell me that my body wants more pot. I am somewhat OK with the mental part of wanting it---I want my money, business and family more now. :-) It's just the physical stuff. I want it to end. :'( Good luck to all of you trying to quit. I know it's a battle, but the end result has to be better than the time wasted and money spent smoking pot with a bunch of other pot heads all day. It's also funny to find out those people who were just "pot buddies" and those that are real friends. Yet another wake up call! Once again, good luck and thanks for your support! John


Hello all-

I found this site like most others inquiring about their symptoms when quitting MJ. I have been stoned 24/7 as a functional addict for the last 7 years on the best of what N. Cali and Boulder, CO have to offer. Last week, after a few days off the herb, I decided to smoke a blunt with my brother of some super potent "purple" from the local cannabis club. Basically, I got so high that I freaked out and felt like I had a mushroom relapse. (has been 4 years since the last shrooming experience). I had extremely elevated heart rate, mortality thoughts, and even thought that i had triggered a mental illness, like schizoprenia by this session. I have had anxiety attacks previous times after getting stoned, but this was extremely different, and scary. I was in a total alternate reality, and was convinced that i had either triggered something very bad in my brain or had been laced with some angel dust or something. Needless to say, this completely changed my perception of this drug.

Before i smoked that blunt, i had no intention of quitting, and I thought that my life was perfectly fine with the way i was using the drug. I get good grades at a good 4 year university, have a great family, friends, I am a good athlete, etc. Looking back on that 2 or 3 hours of mental hell, I realized that it was a boiling point, so to speak. I have been smoking som much pot, that my brain/body finally had enough, and what resulted was a blessing in disguise and a life changing experience.

I know that it is different for everyone, but before this, I honestly thought that i could smoke for the rest of my life without it phasing me and my aspirations at all. I was wrong.

So here i am, 6 days later, and have not smoked, nor do I want to. I am honestly scared to smoke again, in the fear that i will feel what i felt that night all over again. It was such a unique and terrifying experience, to say the least.

I already feel better about my life, though. I already feel more clear headed, motivated, etc, but along with that are the classic feelings of anxiety, sleep issues, and I have been feeling nervous about my life in general. I feel just generally anxious about the future, even though i have nothing but good things in my near future, including graduation from college, an awesome 2 month trip to Europe, etc.

It feels good to read other people's concerns and experiences, because i am feeling the same things. I dont plan on smoking again, and I feel good about that decision. My problem with quitting in the past was that i didnt ever have reason, and now i feel i do. I am scared to smoke pot....

Good luck to everyone out there, know that you have many people experiencing the same things as you, and we will conquer this drug together!!!!!


after a long time smoking cannabis then not smoking for a while then smoking again, I have experienced really bad anxiety and alot of my friends have found it aswell, quiting then trying it again they found they cannot do it because it just makes them feel really anxious! so can totally see where your coming from! As for withdrawl symptoms I totally agree with that aswell! the problem is cannabis becomes a habit with everything, "this movie wont be as good if I dont smoke, this food wont taste as nice if I dont smoke, I wont be able to sleep if I dont have a smoke" so it really can become mentally addictive! As for a phsyical addiction I found after giving up smoking I woke up in the nights with sweats feeling nausea and was even sick, during the days I would get pretty bad mood swings, feel just generally sh*t and useless. Its been two weeks since Ive given up and I feel great now the only problem is lying in bed at night unable to sleep, and when I cant sleep all I can think about is smoking some ganj.


i was a bad marijuana addict and am trying to slow down.
is it possible for an everyday smoker/ addict, to cut back
and be ok? will it decrease stomach pain,sweating,cravings, or is it better to just quit all together?


I think that it totally depends on the individual. Personally, I have found that everytime I tell myself i would cut back, it never worked, and either smoking all the time or not at all are the only two scenarios that have occured for me. Some who dont have such an addictive personality, like my girlfriend for instance can smoke whenever and never fiend for it. Like i say, it totally depends on your personality.


This is the best forum debate on quitting the ganj ever. I had been smoking weed for many years, im 24 now and started back when i was 16. In the past 4 years my smoking went from a casual joint with freinds to constant abuse, even smoking on my own very late at night.

Im nearly a week into my cold turkey style process, but i hav been trying t throttle back my use over the past month.

My symptoms while being similar to many others, i feel the strongest for me is the mental side. Ive been suffering the night sweats and extremly bazzar dreams, but i get paranoyed and dizzy at times too.

Strangly tho im simply not craving for it anymore, sure id be tempted if a mate was puffin on a joint in front of me, but very easyily turn down a hit on it.

Im looking forward to being clean again, i simply dont need pot clouding my thoughts in my life any more.

Great advice here, keep it up people and the tips on herbal sleep aids sounds great, and one im gunna try very soon - as my sleep cycles are short and strange and thats whats effecting me most.

Ta fellas,

Wanna be Ex-pot head #783465863 lol


This is an excellent thread. I should have looked this up a few months ago.

I was very big into pot, as you could say, just recently, until I was arrested and slapped with a few felony charges. So, I had to stop cold turkey. I would estimate before hand I was smoking around four grams of chronic a day, often more.

After being forced to quit, I literally ate nothing. Even trying to force down applesauce was a struggle. Especially bothersome, I couldn't really get to sleep. I would sleep for a few minutes, then wake up, often in cold sweat. This annoying process went on for roughly a week, but after that I started to recover my appetite and get some sleep. I would assume, however, that each person is different: my friend who was using the same amount as I quit with no problems whatsoever. This just goes to show that everyone has a different reaction.

The good news for me is that it only took a week of not smoking to drop the habit from my lifestyle. If only cigarettes were as easy! :-P


i found this thread post thing by chance on the internet (obviously) i have decided to quit smokin but for a month now i have pretty much messed up. ive bin smokin since i was 12 which is young i kno and im now 19.
with wat i have read above i have also been gettin alot of episodes recently were wen i smoke i feel like ive jus taken something thas has maken me crazy. everytime one of me mates talks to me i feel like there only tryin to intimidate me or insult me which in turn made me really angry and has caused alot of fites and i know they feel the same way, most of them atleast. since i was turned 13 or halfway through that year i was selling weed around skool around my area in liverpool which has a big drug culture anyway. this has always made it easy for me to get hold of large amounts of weed to smoke myself. i decided to quit before chistmas because my family problems got to the point where i wasnt even part of the family no more an i jus lived in this world which was my room an smoked weed endlessly and when i needed to pass any member of my family wether it was to go out the front door to go out with friends or to the kitchen for suttin to eat i would always have to prepare myself with what i thought was going to be sum sort of test. this was the case all the time where i hardly ever spoke a word to anyone in family an then when i did it was jus as if they was trying to catch me out in someway an i was always defendin myself (which wasnt the case it was jus me being paranoid)
anway quittin b4 christmas i stopped about 2 weeks b4 christmas wanting to have a nice day an so on. after 1 week i thought i would smoke a few joints with my mates because goin cold turkey really made become alot more violent person so i thought it would calm me down perhaps, and it even did, i went home an even tho i still werent able to fully converse with my family i could say a few more words an feel happy about it.
come christmas day the same thing came over me, i thought if i have a joint it will relax me an i will b ok so i did. as we were all sittin there eating our food an being happy it was all ok even i was gettin a few words in now an then, however the more it got into the meal the more i wanted to get out and then i started turning on everyone (bar one of my sisters who i love dearly) my family which did seem to have turned on me didnt however make this any better because they have always been the kind to push me an see wat i will do so after a while i flipped out so much i punched the livin room window through started shouting at my family an even filppin on ppl tha would look at me who passed me mum then called the police wanting to arrest me so i ran oout to one of my friends house. this remind me alot of what sum1 sed above feeling as though he had smoked angel dust or something because the rush of me flippin out an everything that had happend i went over it all in my head in my mates house an i thought myself that i had lost who i was an become a skitzo. it all sounds a bit silly wen i write it down but at them moments which wasnt the first i want to go out and kill somebody. the point of my little story if ya have taken the time to read it then thankyou is that b4 i was smoking weed i was a pupil in my primary skool that was getting ridiculously high scores on my work and on my SATS results and how much it has turned my life around, i am agen tryin to give up smokin agen this is almost my first week. i used to have so much goin for me which i only just realised recently and which so many other of my friends an other people who smoke unknowingly are throwing away for absoloutley nothing. this all may seem a bit dramatic for u but maybe if i share some of my life it will make others think of wat may have happend in theres or wat could.