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ok..been married for 23 years, in that marriage i have been beaten, put down, over weight, and had 7 kids, oh and cheated on with a younger girl, and he fathered another child, and because of this i just recently got a divorce. But i cry a lot and its like i cant stop crying, cause that's all i did when i was with my x husband waiting on him to come around for so long. Now i'm in a new relationship and the man i'm with shows me love,support, and encouragement, but there's a kicker, he cant do kids any more, and i have twins that are 1 year old, and he's afraid he might have to play step daddy, but i don't want him too, cause he shouldn't have to. It's like i know this, and im crying about it, and another kicker, me and my 4 children moved in with him, and now i have to move out, cause its causing him some really bad stress, and i don't want that on him or me, yet he still wants me and to be there for me and my kids but, just not in the same house, and the thing is my ex husband was not a very nice man in the beginning with me and my boyfriend, and he don't he think he can handle  all of what i have going on with my x and my kids. So i find my self crying over all this like somebody died...i'm so confused and don't know what to do. Need HELP


Hi Lovelost you are a package deal. Right now you are in a "conditional" relationship. That is not going to work for you especially since you have 1 year old twins. Have you considered not being in another relationship since you just got out of one? Not only is this stressful for you but you may want to consider your children as well.  I didn't see anywhere that you love this man. I would suggest you find a place for you and the kids and date the man you moved in with. Definately get some counselling youve been through a lot of c**p.