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I get a sharp pain in my chest everyday the week before my period. Is this normal?


Hi there! I also had chest pain before my periods would come and I actually thought it was PMS. I’ve had it for quite some time. Then I was talking to my friend who went to medical school and she found this chest pain suspicious. She told me that this was not a typical PMS symptom, and that I should see a GP and tell him/her all about the pain.

I had blood and stool tests as well as endoscopy performed. Endoscopy was so uncomfortable. I was found to have gastritis. This is an inflammation of the stomach lining. Sometimes patients don’t even experience any symptoms. I reckon that I had chest pain because maybe more of that hydrochloride acid was secreted during PMS.

I had to take two courses of medications, which weren’t so cheap but at least I get rid of the chest pain and who knows what else if I haven’t had it treated.