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Hi there. Any cat lovers in here? I really need your help. I didn’t know that cats can throw up hairballs :/ When I saw that my cat is throwing up hairballs I was really surprised. :/ I didn’t know what this is, I didn’t know what to expect. I have three year old Scottish fold cat and she is having this issues for three days. I can see that she is in problem, but my vet doesn’t believe that this is that important.

I really need you to tell me how to help your cat manage its hairball problem?

Tnx a lot.


Hey Pam.

Welcome. You will find a lot of cat lovers in here :)

First, I have to tell you that cats can manage this problem alone. But still, I would suggest you to try to find the best way to help her. I am surprised because your vet told you that you should to be that concerned, because sometimes they can cause some damage.

The best possible way to help your cat is to change her diet program.

You should make sure to put something in her food like pumpkin. This can help her definitely.

Good luck!

Ps. Find another vet ;)



Hey there Pam.

You can help her very easily – with good diet program. I agree that food that contains fiber is excellent for this. Avoid dry food. If you are feeding your dog with dry food you should definitely add some water in it just in case.

Your cat will get rid of hairballs very soon because of this.

Also, some experts believe that because cats did not evolve to eat grains, these types of food can alter their intestinal tract.

So you can try grain – free diet program as well.

But never avoid vet when your cat has some health issue.



Hello. First, it is very important to notice symptoms. Remember it is very normal for your cat to have hairballs occasionally but you need to control it as well. Why? Because it can be dangerous problem as well. Hairballs can block your cat intestinal tract and sometimes it is hard for them to eliminate it. Vet should be your first option. But the symptoms are – vomiting, dry retching, diarrhea and swollen abdomen. How to manage it? If you suspect that your cat is impacted take her to the vet. Your vet will suggest you several options. Remember that serious blockages can require surgical removal.



Good afternoon everyone.

Cats that produce hairballs usually have a dental issues as well because stomach acid is involved when your cat is vomiting. You should have this on your mind.

Now if your cat is suffering from hairballs one of the best things that you can do is to find a more meat – rich and more digestible foods.

When your cat gets plenty of proteins and digests the food that she eats properly, she sheds less often, she will swallow less hair and this is the way to protect her from it.

I think that this is definitely main key and you should try it.