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My husband started showing signs of depression in May of last year. At the time I thought he was just in a funk and that he would get over it. As time passed his behavior continued to worsen. He lost a lot of weight for no reason, his sleeping habits changed instead of sleeping a lot he slept very little, he stayed at work for unreasonable amounts of time, his temper was very short, he would go for drives and just sit in farmers fields for hours, he very rarely saw his children, he was emotional, he jeopardized his job and our marriage by some of his behavior at work. He blamed all of this behavior on me, I believe he is dellussional, he really believes I am to blame. I tried to tell him I thought he was depressed and he would not believe that and he was quite angry at me for suggesting that. I know for certain in my heart that he is depressed. I went to my Doctor and told him what was going on and he told me to get him in to see him. I took it upon myself to make an appointment for him and I told him about it, he was not happy at all. He did end up going to the appointment and so did I. During the appointment he continually put me down and put the blame of what was going on, on me. The Doctor actually could not listen to this any more and stopped him. The Doctor tried to offer a prescription for ant-depressants and he would not accept it. Two months ago he left his children and myself. I really want to help him. I am trying to educate myself about depression. I feel the need to also educate our friends, family, and his co-workers as well. I am hoping through doing this that they will be able to talk to him about his behavior without him knowing I have done this. I really want my marriage to work he is a wonderfull man, and I want my children to have their dad. If anyone has any advice or suggestions please let me know.

Thank you



im so sorry to read this. it also scared the hell out of me! (no offense). My bf has been getting VERY mad very easily lately.. and he admits he's depressed. he too balmes it on me. i dont know who has the fault. im very emotional, and he is very rude when we argue. we both put each other down. i think myyy depression is at a riskier level tho. so if u find anything than can help uss please do tell. %-)