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My nine year old step son has just started peeing the bed every time he stays with us on the weekends. It is annoying, and he will often lie about it happening. Sometimes he changes the sheets, sometimes he won't even noticed he has wet the bed once again. He says that he does not wet the bed at his mom's house, but he has lied about what goes on there before, so I am not sure. I am not even sure that there is any medical problem going on here, but if there is I would like to explore natural cures for bed wetting. Do you have any advice for me?



bed wetting IS very annoying. and it doesnt only happen in toddlers!

one good way is to NOT drink (too much) fluids before going to bed (may be the only way) if waking up in the middle of sleep is too tough. when i was younger, i had DREAMS i was going to the toilet to pee and just wet the bed! terrible. sometimes we're too tired and it just happens before we can stop it.

so the best way is to not drink before bed :-) check what he's drinking, control/limit it. or set him an alarm say 2 hours to wake up him and go to the loo.

diapers would be a bit odd :-P