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Im a 14 year old female looking for new ways to masturbate i tried an electronic toothbrush and hair brush but that did nothing does any have anything else i could try?


There are actually two types of masturbation and orgasms. The first is clitoral only. Rubbing it or vibrating on it gives the pleasure and orgasm. Some girls like it gentle and smoothly, and others like it fast and rough. You'll need to experiment to find what YOU like.

The other way is vaginally (internal), and can lead to orgasm by stimulating the G-spot. That can be done with a toy or your finger as well. Some veggies make a fantastic toy, but make sure to wash them well.

Some people like combining the two methods at the same time. And'll have to experiment to find what's best for you. And it doesn't hurt to change it up a bit either.