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I had NovaSure two weeks ago and i feel great! I was having two periods a month and becoming anemic with each one. The procedure was simple and i was home from the hospital in just a couple hours. Hardly any pain. Some cramping. I had alot of tissue and polyps in my uterus that was causing me to bleed so heavily. I had a D&C first and then the Novasure. So far no regrets just little pains here and there that my Dr. says is normal. Also, some water discharge that she said i could have up to four weeks. Cant wait to see if it worked good when my next period should come. Ask me any questions you may have!


I had the Novasure procedure in July of this year. I was a bit concerned because many discussion boards had messages from ladies who it had not worked for. I went ahead with the procedure and have had excellent results. I haven't had a period since. And that, my dear, is wonderful for a woman who was in bed a couple of days each month due to the horrible pain and bleeding. About the intercourse question, I had sex with no trouble after two weeks. My follow up with my gyno was perfect and I am sure yours will be too!! Maybe a lot of people who have had a positive experience with this procedure never think to post to let others know how well it worked for them, but I certainly am an advocate for the procedure. My only complaint with it is that I didn't do it sooner!!

Best of luck to you and your husband!