I had the Novasure albation procedure done on April 28th. Prior to the procedure I had an ultrasound due to fibroid cysts in the uterine wall. It was determined that only a couple cysts protruded from the wall and that the ablation should work fine. Following the procedure the Dr said everything went fine with no complications. After the procedure, I had some cramping and pain for the rest of the day. The day after, I was able to return to work with ibuprofen.
But, now after 4 days, I'm experiencing heavy bleeding and the doctor says this is not normal and is not sure way this is happening. She sent me home from work (i work at the same clinic as the dr) and said if the bleeding doesn't stop in 2 hours, I should go to the emergnecy room. She also said that i may need another ultrasound.
Any explainations or experiences??????