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I am ten weeks preg, I have just started to spotting not alot but not alittle, I have three other health boys never had any problems before, the hospital where I live does not do pregnancy's so they told me i was having a miscarriage but then when I called back today to get an answer to a blood test they said i was preg but they dont know if i am or i am having a so im worried and stressed and i cant see my doc for a couple days does anyone know what i should do...???? Or if you have any answers







Hi Krowen,

Some bleeding during early pregnancy is normal, and fairly common.  Are you having any cramping?

If you start bleeding heavily or have any heavy cramping see your doctor.

Without an exam it's only a guess.

Keep the faith!  

Good luck.



I had some light bleeding and spotting near the beginning of my pregnancy, and every thing turned out fine, i have a healthy 10 month old boy. Don't worry (I know that's super hard!) until you have a reason to worry, spotting isnt the end all be all. If you experience heavy bleeding and pain, you should go to the ER, that is not normal.

I wish you all the best.