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2 days ago i found out I have chlamydia and gonnorrhea. I received a shot and pills that night. he prescribed me doxycycline & cephalexin. the discharge has gone away. but my mouth still has sores and so does my vagina. he said the doxycycline will help with my mouth. my tonsils are still swollen but they don't look as bad. my gums are still really red. I'm so scared the sores will keep spreading, I'm hoping the meds will stop it from spreading. my question is how fast will the meds completely stop everything in my mouth? it hurts to eat is there anything I could do about it? also the sores on my vagina, will that go away on it's own as well or is there a cream? if anyone can share their story if they have one somewhat similar to mine please share I'm nervous :(


Hi Guest,

You should continue to see improvement.  It can take 3-5 days for noticeable improvement to occur.  It will take longer for the red gums and the vaginal sores to go away.

Make sure you follow the prescriptions exactly.

Hope it helps.