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I think I've found the solution! I've had the same symptoms as most you ladies! Thick discharge, dries quickly and looks like tissue paper or dead skin, all over my partner after sex, and a minor itch! I've been tested for everything under the sun! About 7 months ago I got a bad yeast infection (actually tested for as yeast) and I started taking crazy probiotics and trying to do everything to prevent it and kept going back to the doctor but I wasn't testing positive for yeast anymore but still had this crazy discharge! Previous in the thread I read about Cytolytic Vaginosis and I was too afraid to try baking soda because I've had BV and that sucks! So I bought the liquid calcium/magnesium/vitamin D on amazon for like $16 and JUST started taking it yesterday 11/11/16 and am noticing difference already! One tablespoon per day in the morning before food! Drinking more water and watching my sugar (not drastically but getting water instead of pop or sugar free energy drinks instead of coffee twice a week or so)! I'm seriously seeing such a difference! The brand I bought was Bluebonnet! I tried regular capsule form before the liquid stuff and it wasn't working as good. The liquid helps your body digest the nutrients better than capsule form!! I'll post again in a week!!


Did it do the trick??