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Me and my boyfriend had sex on the 13th of November 2009 he came inside of me and when I left his house that night my stomach felt a little queasy. That next week at school I kept feeling bubbly feelings in my stomach and whenever i became hungry I felt STARVING. the next week I felt a bit normal again but then on the 21st of November 2009 (a week after the first time) we had sex and he came in me again, every now and then I'll feel those bubbly feelings but I'm not sure if I'm pregnant or not because on the 28th I started my period. I usually start on the 23rd of every month but my period was just 5 days late. I want to be pregnant but I'm not sure if I am because isn't the time to fertilize when we had sex? I am taking a home pregnancy test this weekend (December 4 or 5th) but I heard you have to wait three weeks before takin a test after ur boy cums in you. So I'm taking one, does any of this lead to a possible pregnancy? I am 16 by the way.


The bubbling has nothing to do with the fact that you might or might not be pregnant! And since you had your period I doubt you are pregnant!

I know that being pregnant when you are a teenager is VERY popular right now! I don't get it!!! And for you to be TRYING and Wanting to be pregnant at such a young age dumbfounds me!! You are not only taking the chance of being pregnant, but also getting an STD or STI! and either option is a life sentence! Does your boyfriend know that you are trying to become pregnant? And if so can he and is he able to take care of you both financially for the next 18 years? Also know that depending on where you live, he could also be charged with statutory rape!!!!!

I have to say, as a mother of a disabled child, that just because you think that everything will be wonderful and you will have a happy healthy baby, does NOT mean that this is guaranteed to happen! Even at 16 you can still have a baby with Down Syndrome, and other Chromosonal Abnormalities! Have you thought about that? Have you thought about "What if something is wrong?" Do you think you are in a "Good Place - emotionally, financially" to raise a child with special needs? Because you are actively trying to become pregnant at 16, shows that you have not yet matured enough to take on the responsibility of being a mother! Because no one that is mature and grounded would willfully try and bring a child into this world without being prepared in EVERY way for it! There are OOPS pregnancies and obviously planned pregnancies, but there is ALWAYS a founded thought into this! Not that you just want someone to love and to love you! Are you sure your boyfriend will stick around for the next 18 years? Will your family end up raising this baby? This isn't about you OR your boyfriend it IS about an innocent life! That deserves to be loved, cherished and raised properly, not scraping by, it costs THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of dollars to raise a child and that is the 1st year!!! Are you both going to be able to afford that? As I stated to another teenager who is 15 and trying ALL the time to become pregnant! Have you thought about taking the bus everywhere, because every penny will go to diapers and formula not to insurance and gas!!! I am perplexed in the rise in younger and younger girls trying to have a baby! The baby has NO say in this! And I think it's selfish and unfair! Granted you didn't ask me for my opinion, but you HAVE to ask yourself what your child will think about his/her future! IF you are totally confident that you and your baby wont end up being another statistic of welfare and regular tax payers having to foot the bill for you! Then that's one thing! BUT if you think for one second that you want to be stable and provide whatever you can for your baby and give him/her a life that you might not have had! Then you REALLY need to wait and plan for this in several years! There IS NO RUSH!!!! But once you are pregnant that is it!!! There is no "OOPS I changed my mind!!!!" So REALLY think about what your future child wants NOT what you want! Good luck and health!