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Hello everyone :-) I've never posted on a health forum but I think it's about time I asked the experts heh :-)

For about 3 years now I've been having this terrible pain under my sternum. I'm a pretty tough guy and don't go to the doctor until I really can't take it anymore and that's what I did because this was getting stupid.

I had xrays done and had to swallow that barium stuff o.O but at the end of all that they said I was fine. I'm not one to tell doctors that they are wrong, but the constant pain tells me otherwise.

The pain is the worst after I eat something fatty or acidic, or if I just eat way too much of anything. If I eat McDonald's it hurts pretty bad, or a slice of Pizza does it too, all depending on how greasy it is. The pain can last for 15 minutes to half an hour, but 15 mins is the norm. It hurts bad enough that I don't want to get up even. I just kind of sit there until the pain goes away.

One more interesting thing I found is. If I just ate something and I lay down for a few minutes to watch tv I get some air pockets just under my sternum and the only way to get rid of them is to sit up. As soon as I sit up I burp it up and it all feels better. I don't think that's normal since I've asked friends and none of them do that :-).

Another symptom is lack of apetite. Sometimes I don't eat for the whole day because I can't feel that I'm hungry, sometimes the only way I know is when my stomach makes a noise. Often I look at food and I really don't want any where normally I would have easily downed it :-).

I also get acid reflux really bad sometimes. You might not agree with me but I drink a shot of vinager and it kills the acid, otherwise I sit there with acid trying to kill me %-)

I've tried staying away from bad foods that contain too much fat or salt or whatever, but nothing seems to work. I even tried not drinking pop anymore. Not that I was following this very strictly so I guess I could always try again.

some stats about me

white male 6'2 180lbs
don't drink smoke or do drugs
I don't exercise but I work my butt off at work :-)
I probably eat out too much, and drink too much pop

Thanks for reading so far, I hope this is in the correct section :-).


It is possible that the greasy foods and the associated pain you are experiencing could be related to gall bladder problems. The gall bladder is responsible for releasing bile to combine with fat and oil to emulsify it so it gets digested. Any problems there could be causing the pain.

And I gotta say, you are a tough guy if you are taking shots of vinegar for acid reflux. Vinegar is acid, and quite frankly, you are making the problem worse by adding acid to acid! See your doctor about the acid reflux and get a prescription for something like Prilosec or one of the other acid reflux medications.


Seriously it works :) I thought it was crazy too but it makes me feel 100% better.

Wouldn't the doctor have noticed a gall bladder problem? I mean they did all the blood tests etc. I told them all my symptoms but it all came out negative.

I actually just ate some rice right now and acid is kicking up.


It's obviously a temporary relief thing. I wouldn't be too happy doing it all my life.

Taken from other site.

"At first glance, vinegar and acid reflux might sound like an unlikely combination until you review the overwhelming positive testimonials published throughout the internet."