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hi I just had a baby and I'm having severe pressure in my rectal area and it is causing a lot of pain when I go to the restroom I've had to strain to use use it but I don't understand why my rectum is swollen and purple and blue and black. I know it usually means hemorrhoids but it's kind of scaring me cuz its been like this for around a month what do I need to do.


Hi it sounds like internal roids. You can try inserting some preparationH into your rectum using the little yellow nozzle or your finger. You definitely need to be taking stool softeners to help things ease out. Do you ever see any blood in your stool? If it continues you may have to go back to the doctor and have them cut and drained from the inside. They will numb you up so it won't hurt. But try the two things I mentioned above and see if that works for you. You can search on internet for internal roids and see what home remedies might help you out as well. I wish you well.