Hey ppl!

Just wondering if you could help me with this problem...

I am a 19 year old male with white skin and fair hair, and since the age of around twelve or thirteen (or possibly earlier) I have had deep red cheeks. They don't appear be due to a surface skin problem, but more to do with the blood flow underneath the actual cheeks. There is no swelling or itchiness, nor has there ever been any in the past. They are permanently red, though they do get even worse when embarrassed, stressed, or hot, as is expected.

People keep on suggesting that rosacea is the source of the problem, but I seriously doubt this - my cheeks don't itch or swell, as mentioned earlier, and I have no disfigurations on my nose. I would, however, like to know what I actually have, and I would like to get it sorted as soon as possible. It's starting to get in the way of life.

Thanks in advance