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After every morning shower, since Late January 2015 to the present April 2015, I've been getting red smudgy rashes on my CHEST, and they are so annoying and itchy!

So I've heard several theories such as lice, types of shampoo soap, allergies to water/chlorine, an out-of-control fungus growth, stress related, weak immunes system, dry winter air... But I'm looking for an actual answer for me, preferably from a dermatologist or someone who has had the same problem and solved it please. I'm certain it's not lice!


It might be due to the chlorine level in you water. I had issues with chlorine in my pool. I had these rashes which later on turned into swollen patches. Ferraripool builders in Boston suggested me to use a antibacterial soap and a corticosteroid cream. You can try out the same. If it still doesn't help , you should consult a skin doctor.