I was bitten by a sac spider earlier this year, was hospitalized for a week and required surgery to drain the abscess formed in the area with the cellulitis. The wound recovered well, but after it healed I started getting abscesses/boils on my left leg. (17 and counting)  I am currently on my second cycle of antibiotics (not counting the 4 day intravenous antibiotics received in the hospital). I apply a hot compress every few hours, keep the affected areas covered with plasterers and some salve to help draw out the puss and have swollen lymph nodes. Bath in disinfectant, replace my razor after every shave. I am also taking 18 tablets of brewers yeast to help these go away. I don't know what to do anymore. I have tried everything, and seeking medical attention has not made the issue go away. This has been my fourth visit to the doctor in a couple of months. Can anyone offer any advice... Please