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I am physician

Please help me, I have a problem with my patient.
My patient is prim gravid, 25 yrs old

had pregnancy a year back which is ended by spontaneous abortion after having sever crumb in the lower abdomen and pelvis.

Two month back she became pregnant and developed the common pregnancy symptoms and severe lower abdominal & pelvis cramb similar to the previous pregnancy which is ended by cessations of fetal heart beat at the gestational age of 2 months. After missed abortion confirmed no cramb or other pregnancy symptoms. Currently D&C done and evacuated so I request you to give me idea as to possible causes and possible way preventing feature similar tragedy.

Thank you in advance


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I am not a physician, but I work in primary womens healthcare with planned parenthood.

Have you advised the patient to begin folic acid enhanced prenatal vitamins prior to trying to concieve?

Does the patient have a disease which causes her body to not process folic acid efficiently?

Does she smoke, or partake in other unhealthy activities?

As you know, miscarriage sometimes happens for reasons that we do not fully understand, so it is difficult to really know why.