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I Have had sort of a sore throat for the last 2 days.. on the right side of my throat just above my addam's apple. there is no white stuff but it does hurt when i swallow. Im kind of scared since i havent had my tonsils out. im 14 by the way. im scared that if i tell my parents they'll think im crazy and that its nothing.. is it nothing? im telling them in the morning if it continues. (PS only the right side hurts, so its not a sore throat. also there is no while/yellow gunk back there. no blood ither but it is very red.) %-)


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It sounds like you have just a sore throat. It might be an infection. If it carries on you may need medication, but it should settle in a few days. Pain killers will help. Drink plenty an rest.
Sore throats can only be on one side.
If i get a sore throst an its localised, i can normally see the redness like your saying or sometimes i can see a ulcer. Both arnt much to worry about. But if you see white marks an you feel more ill, then you may have an infection, tonsiltis an you may need to see your doctor.