My headaches started around about the time i started my periods. (seven years ago).

When i started uni i had problems with my nose. Blocked and full of flem seeping down my throat (2 years ago).

I am suffering with these problems believeing it maybe sinus problems as i wake up with headache pain most mornings. This is increase through exerise, crying, shouting, smelling smoke etc. I also feel worse out in the sun.

I have gone to doctors and they help me not. Always suggesting that i take stronger asprins. I cant take them as i'm ammune to them.

I have tired different things to get ride of headaches like not drinking caffine, giving up alcohol, diary products. I have also tried taking cider vingar, lemon aswell as smelling salts for the throat - this gives me an acicidic stomache.

Please help, i feel i have no-one elso to turn to.