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Can sjogren's syndrome be triggered by marijuana use the way lupus can be triggered by cocaine use?

I ask because my friend has just been diagnosed with sjoren's syndrome and their neighbor smokes marijuana constantly, and it's always coming into their house. After I moved away from a heavy marijuana smoker, I had arthritis for a few months. I know marijuana is used for allergies because it shuts down your immune system a bit, but are there risks from this? Can marijuana cause autoimmune responses?

Has any research been done in this area?


Hi couch potato,

I never heard before that marijuana is used in allergies. I don't quite see why would it be used anyways, since there are quite enough effective allergy medications available and mechanism of their action in allergy is quite well explained. Besides, Sjorgen's syndrome usually is diagnosed in people over 40 which means that it would take a lot of second hand smoking, if it was linked.

It's nowadays thought that before onset of Sjogren's syndrome a person needs a trigger infection first and it's this infection that then causes immune system to over react, attacking the salivary glands and mucous membranes, for some reason, first. Still, mechanism  is not completely explained and there is no telling if marijuana might have effect, after all.