I am having a hard time finding negative articles about marijuana. But I do think there is a correlation of Marijuana use and liver damage. My son is only 18 and his liver enzymes are elevated. There is no reason a healthy person will have elevated levels unless something harmful is being absorbed in the body. I’m praying that further ultrasound reveals there is no liver damage and it’s in the infancy stages and his body will repair itself if he stops smoking marijuana. You see the only correlation we can think of as his parents is for the past two years he smoked marijuana on a regular basis either daily or every two days. He doesn’t drink alcohol or abuse other drugs that we are aware of. He’s very opened about his use to his doctors and us. As his parents we have never condoned his use BTW. He said when he learned weed won’t kill you he’s been smoking ever since. Someone mentioned on another forum that everybody’s  body is different. So what might be harmless to you may be very harmful to someone else. I’m afraid weed is more harmful than the special interests/growing legal industry want folks to know. My son is 18 with “potential” early liver damage. Liver disease means short life potentially. This is scary for us. I’ll keep you posted. I’m just so happy we’re catching this now from routine physical and blood work.