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I am 15 years old and I haven't gotten my period yet. I have been having discharge for around 2 years now .

A few months ago I started getting brown discharge. It lasted for about 5 days. My Mother told me that it could just be the fact that I was getting my period soon. 

I became slightly relieved because I am a little worried that my period has not came yet. 

Then just about a month ago, my discharge started smelling sour. 

My vagina does get itchy occasionally but I do think it's due to the fact that I shave. As I notice that my vagina only gets itchy when I shave. 

And there are times when I do feel like I'm having cramps or pains just below my stomach. 

From what i have read up I could be having a yeast infection? 

I am not too sure if it is something to be worried about. 


It's definitely worth getting a check up incase of any infections, it's very common for females to get infections because all our parts are just tucked inside a very warm body, perfect conditions for infections, shaving does make your vagina itch yes, when i've shaved i get a quite itchy but blood can also make you dead itchy on the top part inside your vagina, but stops after peeing a few times because pee washed the blood away and it's actually very disinfecting to keep things clean. What you may be experiencing is your periods but it may just be VERY light for you, females expect periods to always be a lot of blood but it's not always the case, you may of started your period 2 years ago and didn't know but i think it's worth just getting checks incase you might have anything wrong like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, i have it and i've had brown blood come out a few times now, 3 days ago i defo had my period after 1 year od apparently not having one... i've no idea... lol, but i started off with brown blood, the by day 2 i got brown blood mixed with pinky blood, days 3 and 4 some red blood mixed wih brown blood and day 5 back to brown blood, i was emotional, tired, achy and tender pelvic and stomach area which is sure fire symptoms of a period. Blood can look brown because it's traveling down inside a warm body and speeds up the deoxidizing process because when blood is exposed  to air it turns brown when it dries up, so you may just have the lightest periods but the cramps could indicate you DO have periods, periods typically last from 5 - 7 days, most commonly for 5 days, i do too, i did whenever i get regular periods, irregular periods and now whenever i apparently have a period since i apparently get zero now... but from when your 17 your body starts changing then around 24 years old it REALLY starts to change and your hormones might start behaving differently, so i might get periods but without any symptoms *shrugs* lol, anything can happen. Definitely worth getting tests for infections but the blood does stink in general, it's not in any way a clean process, it smells rotten for me.