Sometimes my vagina is itchy and when i shower to wash my down there too.. i notice some hair falling out.. i dont yank it out but i thought since it maybe like human hair when you put conditioner the hair fallouts just come on (but i dont put conditioner down there obv...) and i just use regular soap, like dove since it's the most gentlest on the skin.. on my skin at least. I also dont trust those vaginal washes because its filled with chemicals and im pretty sure you vagina restores its own pH balance if it becomea imbalanced unless you suffer from a yeast infection... about a year ago I've had oral sex with an ex. But we didnt last long. Im with aomeone else now and we havent done anything sexual yet. Im 20 and still virgin by the way... I was wondering if that contributed to anything.. or am i just being really paranoid... and sometimes after i masturbate sometimes it gets itchy down there... sometimes just outaide the labia and sometimes i notice that its inside one of the wall of my labia... And some thoughts about a brazillian wax there.. other than it being painful... my most concerns are: would you recommend? Is it safe? Is it clean? How will your hairs down there grow? Thicker, curlier or same as before? Because.. just like the hairs on our hairs.. for mine at least when i shave/wax them hey grow out thicker and more subborn as in they stick out... so i try not to do that as well as my hair on both my arms are legs are really fine... i did it twice i just noticed how my hair grows back.. Because i know the hairs on your vagina keep your vagina from being infected (most of the times) unless that's a myth.. Im pretty embarrassed to go to a sexual clinic to get checked because apparently they might just laugh because it was just oral sex and you wont be able to get much because you weren't penetrated.. Thanks and help please! If a sex-trained doctor able to answer, thanks so much! I just get anxious so i just want to know about this... there's no pain in peeing or from my regular discharges. It's just those symptoms mentioned above.