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Normally I get sore throat when I have a cold. But I never had this before or at least not to this extreme where I would remember it. The other day before going to bed. I had develope a slight stickyness and dry throat. Which passed it off as a start of a cold. Which it is probably a cold anyway but the fact that I never had this happen for a cold was what I got worried about. So anyway, I went to bed and after many hours I woke up and I almost couldn't swallow. The flem was like clue, there was enough of it where I got nervous on drinking anything a fear that it would go into my lungs instead. There was enough of it where it was starting to cut the air way off. If it was a cold, is there some remedy that I can use that I will never get that again?

And last question, is it a cold or something else?


Don't worry, after or during a cold you will develop a dry throat which causes your throat to literally stick together after swallowing. When you sleep at night and your nose is congested you will naturally breath from your mouth. During the night you will be drying out your throat from breathing in so much air. The best way to treat this (from experience) is to drink drink drink, and not just water. The best thing to drink is tea, either green tea or detox tea. You should keep doing this until your cold passes. The more you drink the more your throat will be able to take all the air coming into it at night. This is the best I can do to tell you.

PS: this is all from recent experience, and what I told you has cured me. XD