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Throughout my adolescence I was always attracted to women. I remember sitting in class fantasizing about them like teenage boys do. I've always had a bit of penis envy and this always led me to watch pornography with a well-endowed male to sort of put myself in their shoes. Lately I have had feelings of arousal after seeing naked men. I have even had a dream about homosexual intercourse (one in a long series of heterosexual sex dreams). Does this mean I am a homosexual? I am so tortured with the confusion and severe depression of an identity crisis I cannot concentrate on my work. I am truly and utterly lost. Please give me some input.


Hi Dave,

No, it does not mean you are gay.  It's also not that unusual for a male, straight or otherwise, to be curious about another male.  You want to know if you are "normal."  It's not like many guys EVER really talk about their penis with their friends.

Porn can/will alter your perceptions.  Turn it off.  It's not real, it is a fantasy.  Get out and meet a real woman, or a man if you choose.  See what happens.

Hope it helps.