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Hi everyone,

I'm a 20 year old male and have only began having sex. This was becoming painful for me, and I was often having a hard time remaining erect enough to get into the girl. I learned that this was because my foreskin was having problems pulling back so I began streching exercises by pulling it back for a little bit every day.

When I was starting to get it over the head, I realized that it was very sensitive. I am starting to touch it and run it under water, but it remains to be quite sensitive. I am just wondering if anyone had any useful ideas I could try to help make my head less sensitive so that I can remain erect and enjoy myself.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Stevo,

Nice one on the stretching its definitely the way to go with these sort of problems. I was once in the same situation as you and this helped me on the sensitive side of things:

When you take a bath, grip the glans between your finger and thumb. The feeling of the warm water will confuse the nerve endings and make the sensation easier to handle. Once the feeling subsides, let go and hold another area until its comfortable again then move again.

The more you handle your glans the sooner that tender feeling will become tolerable. Also, get used to holding your penis by the glans when having a pee.

Hopefully this has been helpful. Let me know how you get on :-)


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Hi Stevo32

I had the same problem many years ago. (I'm over 60 now)

My foreskin was tight and it hurt if it got caught behind the head when erect. This was not too much of a problem before I got married. I just told my girlfriends that it hurt if they pulled it way back while doing me.

But then I got married and began having sex every night. The next morning I would have sore stretch marks on the inside of it that really hurt when urine hit them. I decided I had to stretch it which I did by inserting two, then three fingers when taking a shower and stretching the opening as much as I could stand for a few minutes each time. After a few months I had it stretched so it was no longer painful to retract it over the head.

Then my frenulum began getting pulled and sometimes torn during sex. It would bleed until it healed and was no better after healing because it healed back together and stayed the same length, so it would always happen again. During sex you can't feel it but afterward it really hurt. After it was torn, it was less tight so if I could stop it from going back to it's shortened condition as it healed that should fix it, and it did. I did that by wrapping it with something such as bandage material after it tore so the ends didn't heal back together, they just healed. I wanted to stretch the frenulum more so I began pulling my foreskin back as tight as I could stand, for as long as I could stand it. I finally got it so I could easily pull the foreskin all the way back to where the tip is practically back to the base. Now it's like not having a frenulum at all. The head doesn't get bent down any more when I pull my foreskin all the way back. The stretching also caused a desire to masturbate which made this chore something I looked forward to.

Sex and masturbation is much improved because I can pull my foreskin all the way back comfortably. I never considered circumcision because the inner side of the foreskin is stretch responsive and adds wonderful feelings during sex and masturbation.

Pulling my foreskin all the way back for long enough periods to stretch it, kept the head exposed, allowing it to dry out. I discovered it was not as sensitive when it was dry. I was tired of my glans being very ouchy when touched so this discovery sent me on a quest to desensitize it.

When I was young, some of us boys who were just learning about masturbation used to get together and have contests to see who could do it the quickest. This often included doing it to each other. So I knew the kids who had been circumcised didn't seem to be at all sensitive to having their glans touched or even rubbed. I figured that was because theirs was always exposed to the world and was used to being touched by anything and everything.

I figured the secret to desensitizing mine would be to keep it exposed more. My foreskin wouldn't stay back without someone holding it, so pulling it back and leaving it in my pants to force it to rub against my underwear while I went about my daily things was out. So I was forced to spend long periods of time holding my foreskin back manually and dry rubbing the fully stretched inner skin and the head. This was a terrible chore but someone had to do it. Within weeks that somewhat painful sensation when the exposed head was touched began to go away and was replaced with much more enjoyable sensations while masturbating when I held the foreskin all the way back and dry rubbed it. I also taught my wife to do that during foreplay.

So it sounds like you got your foreskin stretched pretty well and I think if you try the dry rubbing technique to work on the desensitization you'll be quite satisfied. I found a piece of some very soft, fuzzy, material that I used at first because it was too ouchy to just rub it with my fingers. I had already tried masturbating in the shower while keeping my glans exposed and that didn't improve the ouchiness at all. I think it needs to be kept dry while being touched to "toughen up" the skin like the circumcised boys.

Don't give up, it takes a little while, and you're forced to give yourself a lot of pleasure along the way. Even better, teach your girlfriend to do it for you. Girls have nice soft hands that feel really good wrapped around your penis.

Have fun, you'll get there.


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Hi Stevo, are you still around?

I'd like to know how you have been getting on :-D