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hi i am 7 weeks pregnant and am currently addicted to heroin. i dont want to get on meth in fear of having my baby born addicted and also me myself being addicted. ive been on meth before and it is a million times harder to kick. i have access to suboxone but i want to know if it is safe for me to taper myself off of them. like being at a typical rehab..taking the meds until the withdrawl is over. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME ASAP.....I'M VERY CONCERNED, CONFUSED, AND IN NEED OF ADVICE. THANK YOU <3


dont worry the suboxone is alot safter than using and i would do it sooner than later this is my 2nd child and my first i was using and i stopped and used subs and my daughter is 2 now and she is great and she had to stay in the hospital a few etxra days but she was fine so dont worry take the subs until you feel better good luck!!!