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I had a blood test done about a week ago and after the blood test, i am feeling a little feverish, have body pain, headache and swelling in my neck and underarms. I was wondering if this is a matter of any concern or not.



Well, if these problems occurred straight after having your blood taken out, you should report them immediately to a doctor. There shouldn’t be any reactions after having your blood taken besides slight dizziness especially if you have been looking at the needle and blood.
Why did you have to have your blood taken out in the first place? Did you have any symptoms before your doctor ordered a blood test?
What kind of swelling in the neck? Is it where the thyroid gland is (near the Adam’s apple), where the lymph nodes are or is it general swelling in the neck.
I would see a doctor if I were you…..when is your next appointment for a doc to have a look at the results?