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Where the 'tubes' that go to the testicles meet the testicle, on my left side, they are swolen, and feel like a lump. this lump does not feel though as if it is directly connected to the testicle, or if it is it is not attatched by very much to the testicle, instead it feels more like its an inflammation or build up in the tubes. This lump has stayed a similar size ever since i noticed it, and i have monitored it for about the last 6 months. However, where i've noticed a change is inside this lump there is what feels like a very fine piece of grit which i have not noticed before. I'm really confused as to what this might be, and am slightly alarmed. Can anyone help me?


Hi thefdt,

I think you may have epididymitis, an inflammation of the epididymis. The lump could be the result of an obstruction and the cause of the epididymitis.

I'd recommend you see a urologist and have it checked. If it is epididymitis it is often treated with antibiotics. If there is an obstruction it can be surgically removed.

Tests are required.

Good luck, keep us posted.