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I am asking on behalf of my girlfriend. I will try and ask as quickly as possible.

1.) We had light unprotected sex, but I didn't ejaculate. I know that for a fact.

2.) She missed her next period (she is irregular as well), and was under tons of stress around the time she was supposed to have it. She was supposed to get it the 28th of December.

3.) She took a pregnancy test 15 days after she missed the period, came back negative.

4.) She has been experiencing stomach pains since the time she was supposed to have her period, but no other kind of pain.

5.) She has had a brown vaginal discharge at least 4 times, 1 one was before she missed her period, 3 afterwards.

What could this all mean? She has plans to take another pregnancy test, but she took the first well after she missed her period, and I'm positive I never ejaculated. Ovarian cyst? Stomach Ulcer? Just old blood? Can someone help us please?


Me and my x had unprotected sex he wiped pre cum off and he pulled out but my stomach has been getting alot bigger i have been sick lately and im nauseous when i stand up i asked my mom to buy me a pregnancy test she said im fine i dont know tho and i dont know where to get a test done without my mom finding out im only 14 and i really dont need a kid right now