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hey guys,
kinda new to this site and i signed up specifically for some answers
im 18 and ive got some foreskin problems.
at all times there is just too much!
on flop at all times there is at least 1cm excess off the tip
when i get shrinkage for example in the cold it gets even more cause my penis is smaller and its just embarrasing
when it is erect the tip can still not be seen but it is not as obvious as to there being too much foreskin. due to there being so much if i pull it back for example in the shower. it gets caught back there on the end of my penis and it is really sore underneath when touched

any feedback will be appreciated, some of you may think i am joking but i have considered getting circumcised but i thought i am too old and i am a little bit embarrassed to see a doctor.

thanks for your help,

benny t.


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benny dont get circumscesed. forskins are just like the female labias they come in all different lengths and sizes. as long as you can easily retract it when flaccid and erect then you are fine. if you want ther are procedures to shorten the forskin.

but i would try to accept what you have.