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Hey everyone.

Let me tell you my problem – again.My cat is losing her stool periodically. This is happening for the last four or five months. But, lately she is just fine – like nothing has happened.

One week she is fine, the other one she has problems with her stool.

I was thinking that this is something that I should not be worried about, but yesterday, my good friend – and she is expert for cats, told me that this can be really huge problem and that I should not play with it.

I was wondering, can you tell me when is loose stool in cats a concern?



Hey there!


Sometimes, it is nothing bad or wrong. It can be a simple side – effect to certain ingredient. But, as I can see, this is problem in your cat.

I know that I am boring with this question, but have you visit your vet yet?

Maybe, it is nothing, but still – it can be a big concern.

For example, parasites can be a huge problem.

That is why you need to visit the vet.Sometimes, changing the diet program is something that you need to do, but sometimes, this has to be treated with some meds.

Good luck and I hope that everything is normal! 



Hey there.


I hope that this is nothing serious. You should observe the stool of your cat – always.


Stool is a great indicator of internal health. Also, it can be related with some diet program. Usually, your cat can have loose stool if she is on some dry diet program. 

Actually, there are so many things that can cause loose stool in your cat. It is, like I told you before, diet program, vitamin b12 deficient, system disease, etc.


I really don’t want to scare you, but loose stool in your cat can be a huge problem, because sometimes, in worst case can lead to tumor. 



Hello. It can be serious problem for your cat, and it should be your concern always. When you notice that your cat has problems with loose stool, you should always ask, consult your vet about this issue. Yes, it can easily be an tumor, because I know a lot of those cases. So, always this should be your concern. In my opinion you should now even wait that long to see will stool of your cat is going to be finally normal. If you didn’t visit your vet about this issue, you should do it, before it is too late. Maybe it is nothing, but sill…



Hello friends. How are you?

Dog Whisperer, I couldn’t agree more with you about this issue.

This should be always of your concern. Not just when you notice once, twice, no! When you notice this issue for the first time, that should be your concern – right there and immediately.

The stool is always indicator of the health of your pet, in this case of your cat.


Please, take your cat to the vet, and tell him about this issue.

Don’t wait more.

This is periodically in your cat, but it is a concern.

I really hope that this is not a tumor :/

Good luck!