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Hi guys,


My little sister’s cat has some stool issue ever since she and her husband moved to another home. Her poop started getting looser and a little bit smellier.

They have visited the vet, and the blood and stool sample showed nothing. Like everything is OK with this cat.

She has no symptoms, she is playful, she eats enough, she is drinking plenty and she is not dehydrated as well.


Vet told them that the main cause of this issue can be chronic loose stool.


I was wondering, do you have any treatment options in this case?


Thanks in advance! 


Hey there.


Well, this definitely can be a problem. Loose stools can be caused by stress and I have heard about this issue for a lot time. There are some treatments, but I think that you should try diet sensitive stomach, because it can be really good for cats with loose stool.

I know that a lot of people are using this at the shelter, and it is good. It is good at price as well, and that is why this good is very often is pet’s shelter.

Also, IMHO diet can work great for your cat, and for you and your budget as well.

There is one more solution – wet food,

Have you tried it before? 



Hey, I think that this is not so serious problem.

My cat had this diarrhea, loose stools for years, and she was like other, ordinary cats – totally normal.

I remember that I went to see the vet, because I wanted him to prescribe some foods for very sensitive stomach, and he told me that I should definitely try raw diet program.

So, since I start to feed my cat with raw diet program, she has been diarrhea free :)

But, you always need to be careful, maybe your cat is allergic to some of the ingredients in foods, and you should find this out. 



Good day everyone,


I was talking with my vet today and he told me that he have treated so many cats with chronic loose stool with some medications. After those medications, condition will improve – significantly.


Sometimes, if you don’t see any changes in your cat, than you should find some other treatment. But, I think that meds are the best in case when loose stool is chronically.


Loose stool in cats is usually very common disease in cats, but I think that there is so many solution for this, and that this is not something serious :)


Always when you notice this, consult your vet :)



Hey there.


I have to join this discussion again. I have heard about all those meds that can help your cat in treatment, but also, I have to say that I haven’t heard a lot of good things about them. Maybe some cases are different, I know that all cats are not the same, but here is a story from my friend Josh.

He has a cat, and he was treating it with some meds – I don’t know which one, but those meds have so many side – effects, that his cat was literally sick all the time.

Maybe those meds were bad for her, but you should know this story as well.

I am for natural remedies.