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Hello everyone. I hope that everything is OK :)

My friend Lisa had two cats. She found them the last year, near some building site. They were alone and frosty.

She took them and she is taking a really good care of them.

But, three months ago, one of those cats was diagnosed with kidney failure, and it was really serious. She really tried to do everything, but she couldn’t. Her cat died :/


Now, only one has left and today her vet told her that this cat also have problems with kidney failure. But, according to his words, it is nothing serious.

He told her that some good diet program can help her.

What are the diet options?


That is one really sad story :/ It made me cry :(

I really hope that this other cat will be just fine. Cats with chronic kidney failure are more likely to become dehydrated. So, you should maintain a good fluid intake, that is very important. It can also help you to slow progression of this disease.

You can add water in your cat's food. Also, an ideal diet should have restricted protein content as well. Feeding your cat with reduced protein diet will help to minimize this issue, and it will improve quality of your cat’s life :)


Good luck!



Hello. It is very important to take care on the water intake. Cats diagnosed with chronic kidney failure need to drink a lot of water, because they are in danger to become dehydrated. Whenever is possible, you should feed your cat with watery food – you can always add water into food. Avoid dry food and grain – based foods. Ideal diet program for cat with this disease should be really digestible. You should give her bio – appropriate protein content food, and those proteins you can find in poultry, chicken or rabbit’s meat. Too little protein can be cause of weight loss, which is not good in this stage of the disease.



Friends, I totally forgot to tell you about phosphate. And when I say phosphate, it should be on very low content.


I know that phosphorous is a mineral that is good for your cat’s health, the healthy body can easily regulate phosphorus levels by removing excess phosphorous via the kidneys. But if kidneys don't do their purpose properly phosphate can have dangerous side-effects.

Restricting the phosphate content you will protect the kidneys from further damage.


I removed high phosphate food from my cat’s diet program, and since then my cat’s kidneys work pretty fine.  

I think that you should listen to my advice, you will be thankful to me :)





My cat is on diet program for a while. I know that diet program is the most important factor to stop some diseases in your cat. Proper internal level of potassium are very important for your cat’s health. Did you know that when a cat’s kidney is not working properly, potassium levels rise in your cat’s body?


My cat is a very picky one, and she dislike the taste of some commercial diets that we can find in the pet shops and that are formulated for kidney failure. My cat doesn’t like it, so I prepare food for her alone.