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Hello! My husband and I have been ttc for almost 3 months. We suffered a miscarriage at 9wks and 2days but didnt know until i was a few days after 12wks. I was on placed on Yaz birth control until my period came...and did after taking it for about 3 weeks. 2 weeks after my first regular period I bled heavily for 2weeks straight. The next month..July..I had a regular cycle and the same in August. I began tracking my ovulation and charting my temps..we had sex everyday from the 23rd to the 26th...during my ovulation. My period was 2 days late but i was having all the preg symptoms except sore boobs. I began brown spotting which turned into brown blood, it is still going on so how soon should i test again to see if i am pregnant?


Hello! Do you feel you are having a period? OR is it more like spotting brown blood? What can happen sometimes is that the brain didn't get the "memo" that you conceived so sends the signal to the ovaries to shed the uterus! Some women actually get a period well into their 1st trimester even into early 2nd trimester!! Brown blood - as I'm sure you are aware - is old blood, which usually occurs with implantation bleeding or the beginning of a period!

The only thing I can suggest - IF the 23 - 26th is the only time you had unprotected sex!- is to ask for a blood test from your doctor! As this will definitely show wether or not you are pregnant! NOW if you had sex after the 26th, you might just be too early to tell! It's a tricky one, trying to determine wether or not someone is pregnnat, as the symptoms of PMS ar JUST like Pregnancy - without the nausea! So get a blood test, just to determine, and also know that it is true that you have more of a chance of getting pregnant when you are ovulating, you can still get pregnant at any time. So I just don't want you to miss ANY opportunity OK? Please let me know how you are doing! And i will keep my fingers crossed! Good luck and health hon!