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Hi, I'm 16 and 165 lbs. I joined fitness first two months back (I workout for an hour, five days in a week) hoping that I would lose weight, but instead I gained a few pounds. I've also been dieting along with the exercise, but it just does not seem to work out. My arms & bust size are normalish, but I've got belly fat & huge hips/butt (112 cm). This is really leading to depression as I can't find anyway to lose weight; especially from my hips. I am ready to try out any diet and exercise for losing weight (no time period), my goal is around 120-125 lbs. Please help, thank you.


Hi you are gaining muscle which weighs more then fat. I would not recommend dieting unless you are taking out the junk food and eating more veg, fruits etc. You body is still developing so you can't starve yourself. You need the proper foods because it will effect your health 20 years from now believe me I know. Keep working out with cardio and weights <----legs one day, arms another day etc... You will see a difference soon so don't give up...muscle weighs more then fat.