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are there any side effects to this product? is it a good idea to take it?


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Hi! If you are looking to gain weight, there are three things you should do. Eat more, take protein supplements and start going to the gym.

As for the exercises, you can’t do just anything there in the gym. You should talk to one of the trainers and ask them to show you the right exercises that would help your needs.

AS far as I know, the best supplements are protein, whey and egg protein shakes and powders.

As for your meals, it would be best if you eat 5 meals a day, every three hours. You need to include proteins, carbohydrates and fat. Fat should be eaten the least but still eaten. Fat you could be eating is peanut butter, cheese, nuts, fish like salmon and tuna, flax seeds and alike. Proteins you can get from eggs, cottage cheese, beef, chicken and fish. Carbohydrates include vegetables and fruits, milk, brown rice and whole grain pastas. Proteins should be eaten the most, then carbohydrates, then fat.

You could talk to a nutritionist or a trainer in the gym to help you organize your meals. Good luck!